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   Chapter 558 You Misheard Me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7037

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"Then you just hemmed and hawed and then knocked over the coffee Are you insane? " Cassandra was speechless and turned to Carlos.

I have no choice. I have to take the blame.

Carlos stared at Cassandra innocently. What on earth did he do wrong?

He was still a child!

He didn't expect that Cassandra would come here all of a sudden just now, and he was worried that Cassandra would misunderstand him, so he lied. He didn't expect that such a big trouble would be involved?

"Sister in law, it's all my fault. Master really did nothing. Don't misunderstand master.'' Carlos swallowed hard, cold sweat falling from his forehead. He was almost scared to death.

Cassandra coughed, which made the situation very awkward. She looked up at the girl whose surname was Zhuang, and found that she looked gentle and lovely, as if she was a beauty.

Cassandra's face changed slightly, and her anger disappeared in an instant. She put on an innocent smile and said, "Ha-ha, it's just a misunderstanding. I'm having fun with Martin I wonder who you are... "

The girl seemed to be sleepy for two seconds, but she didn't expect that Cassandra's face would change so fast. The contrast was so cute that she couldn't react for a moment. However, she had seen the big scene before, so she quickly hid her emotions and showed an elegant smile. "My name is Cathy. May I know your surname?''


Is she the daughter of the most powerful dealer Zhuang clan in the capital city?

It was said that the Zhuang family had strong power across the military, political and business circles. In the whole capital city, only a few people could compete with the Zhuang family.

No wonder Martin would meet Cathy here in person

Cassandra was very regretful now. If it weren't for the fact that Carlos was too nervous, she wouldn't have made such a fool of herself.

Cassandra stretched out her hand generously and said, "My surname to be Lu. Samuel, I am a distant relative of Martin. I was just having fun with Martin. Don't get me wrong, Miss Cathy.''

Hearing this, Cathy was stunned. During this perio

es slightly and said, "Yes, the Lu clan and the Zhuang clan have been friends for generations. The two clans have been in touch with each other for many years, but except for business, I don't have any private contact with Miss Cathy.''


Was this an explanation?

This man, sometimes, would really kill her if he was cute.

Cassandra pinched between her eyebrows, "I don't mean anything else. I just think Miss Cathy is a good person. How about we invite her to dinner another day to calm her down?''

"Calm down?'' Martin asked warily

Cassandra, "Yes, I guess she misunderstood our relationship just now. It would be fine if I wore women's clothes. I'm wearing men's clothes now. Aren't you afraid that she might misunderstand your sexual orientation?''

Martin glanced at Cassandra. Was she afraid Cathy misunderstanding his sexual orientation, or was she worried that Cathy would misunderstand her sexual orientation?

Martin, "it doesn't matter.''

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. On second thought, it seemed that Martin didn't care about it at all. Otherwise, he wouldn't have agreed her to work in the company in men's clothes and showed off their love openly many times.

She had planned to take this opportunity to get in touch with Cathy. Even if she couldn't be friends, at least they were familiar with each other. It seemed that this way wouldn't work.

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