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   Chapter 555 I'm Loyal to You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6516

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"Okay! I'll contact them right now! Ha-ha, if we really get the endorsement this time, we will open up a path of wealth! " Jack said excitedly.

Cassandra was not very happy. After all, she had a very important thing to deal with

However, it would be a good thing if they could get the endorsement successfully. As Jack said, it was a way to make money.

In the past few years, the game endorsement had been very popular in China, not only because of the high payment, but also because of a more important reason, that was, there were many game players. This kind of daily publicity, with some interaction later, was actually a good publicity method to maintain the popularity of the stars.

As for Martin, she had to find a way.

About half an hour later, Jack ran over, "Samuel, I have confirmed with the sponsor that they will open a new server tomorrow night, so they will start streaming at 8 o'clock tomorrow night on time At that time, you can live together in the Livestream room prepared by them, and then you will take part in some interaction. The Livestream time is temporarily set to 2 hours. "

For Cassandra, 2 hours of live streaming had been a long time. Fortunately, it was not today, she still had to spend some time to coax her husband.

Cassandra rubbed her swollen temples and said, "Okay, I know. I'll be there on time tomorrow."

After saying a few words, Jack ran away in a hurry.

Cassandra leaned against the back of the chair. After a while, she picked up the phone on the table and sent a message to Carlos on Wechat.

Cassandra, "How is your master today? "

Carlos replied almost in a second, "How is my master feeling? Don't you know? "

Cassandra, "Seriously, I had something to deal with. "

Carlos, "If you don't provoke him, he won't be in a bad mood. Tell me, what mistake did you make again? Let me be prepared. "

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. This guy was really enough. Sh

he company..."


The black signature pen in [陆景枭]'s hand was instantly broken in half, and his eyes were filled with coldness and cruelty. He asked in a slightly cold voice, "with whom?"

No matter how stupid Cassandra was, she could tell that Martin was angry. She swallowed and hurriedly explained, "I just said that it's a male colleague of the company. It's Ken who plays the movie with me this time! You probably don't know him. He is just a three tier male star of the World Media! I'm not familiar with him at all! "

The last sentence was obviously a bit of a cover up.

When Ken was on the set, he always followed Cassandra and called her "goddess".

There was dead silence on the other end of the phone.

Cassandra's heart was beating fast. What the hell was going on?

Why was she so nervous?

After a while, Martin said in a low voice, "I see."

Cassandra was stunned, 'What is he going to do?'

However, before she could ask, the phone was hung up.

Damn it!

She was so angry that even vulgar words could not save her anger

What was wrong with her!

Cassandra immediately called Martin again, but no one answered.

Speechless, Cassandra called Carlos again.

When Carlos received the call, he was so scared that he almost threw his phone out!

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