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   Chapter 554 It's Not Convenient

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Soon it was the day of the press conference.

Now that Peggy was still a member of the World Media, the press conference was naturally held by the World Media. Because of the previous events, today's press conference of the World Media was very lively.

"What a pity! The "God of War" is so popular. It's possible that Peggy will won the prize this time, and she will be promoted in the future..."

"Yes. If one encounters this kind of stain, he would be banned from the entertainment circle!"

"But then again, are the pretty girls and men all homosexuality? !"

"To be honest, Peggy has been my favorite idol for the longest time..."

There were discussions on the spot, but no one thought highly of today's press conference. After all, once an actress was stained with this kind of stain, it was really difficult to prove her innocence.

Of course, in addition to the reporters, there were also some loyal fans specially invited to support Peggy. For them, Peggy's sexual orientation was not important at all, and some female fans were very supportive. Therefore, Gillian also asked people to bring these loyal fans here.

At the same time, in the CEO office.

With a troubled look on his face, Gillian paced back and forth in the office. After a while, he looked helplessly at Cassandra, who was sitting on the sofa, and asked, "Samuel, are you sure nothing will happen to the press conference today?"

It was not that he didn't trust Cassandra, but he was clear that it was difficult to prove her innocence for an actress who had been involved in such negative news, not to mention that the investment that the FX International Group had promised was also involved. He couldn't make any mistake, or his previous efforts would be in vain.

Cassandra sat on the sofa lazily and said, "Don't worry. Nothing will go wrong. I trust my goddess."

On the other side, Peggy looked up at Cassandra, but that glance was very short, as if it had never happened.

Gillian turned to look at Peggy with the same troubled expression, "Peggy, have you dealt with it w

as astonishing, not inferior to that of a male player at all. She had even joined a team with Roger to compete for the ranking.

Cassandra, "Yes. What's wrong?"

Hearing this, Jack's eyes lit up. He stared at Cassandra with a cunning look and said, "Well, there's a new server for this game recently. I'm looking for you and Ken to Livestream together. I was worried that you couldn't play and would drag down Ken..."

Cassandra frowned and thought, 'Broadcast gameplay?'

Although it was a good game with strong interaction... Her jealous husband would definitely not agree! Moreover, it was live broadcast with Ken...

Cassandra pinched between her eyebrows, "Well. I'm afraid it's not convenient. "

Jack immediately said, "Of course it's convenient! The sponsor said that if this Livestream was good, he would not only give us five hundred thousand, but also make long-term cooperation with us, such as making an endorsement. Well, Samuel, you don't know that nowadays the game endorsement is so luxurious! "

Cassandra didn't care about the payment of five hundred thousand. After all, it was a little lower than that of other big shots. But as new comers, they couldn't be too picky about these things.

The most important thing was that the other party had given out the bait - the endorsement.

Cassandra went all out, "Okay, contact them and we'll take it."

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