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   Chapter 553 I Won't Help You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6761

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"What if I ask you to come here today to stop her for me?" Cassie lowered her head and gripped her hand tightly.

Cassandra was stunned. After a while, she said slowly, "Well. Miss Cassie, do you have any misunderstanding about me? I'm indeed obsessed with her, but I just take her as my idol and have no other thoughts... "

'So, is it a little too much for you to ask me to persuade my goddess?'

Why did she suddenly feel like a mistress?

Cassie raised her eyes slightly, reflecting the exceedingly beautiful face of Cassandra in her dark eyes. After the release of "God of War", she had watched it several times in a row. She admitted that she was far inferior to Cassandra in appearance alone.

But what about other aspects?

Cassie smiled bitterly, "I know."

Cassandra was a little confused. 'You still wanted to see me as you know it. Do you really take me as a rival in love?'

Embarrassed, Cassandra scratched her head, "Eh. In fact, I don't want my goddess to quit the circle. After all, it's not easy for her to achieve today's achievements, and now her career is on the rise. It's not proper to quit the circle at this time, but it's her own decision, and I have no right to ask her to change, right? "

Cassie stared at Cassandra in silence. At that moment, she seemed to understand why Peggy liked Cassandra.

Cassie, "I know. Because of my brother's impulse, she is now under great pressure. With this stain on her back, her future career in the entertainment industry will also be hindered. But I still want her to be happy, even if I can only stand in the midst of all living beings and there are thousands of mountains and rivers between us... I won't regret it. "

Cassandra looked at Cassie and said seriously, "When you like a person, you shouldn't distinguish between right and wrong. Even if she is a scumbag despised by thousands of people, what can you do if you like her? It's not her stain, nor yours. It's never wrong to like someone. "

Even in today's society, the love be

he courage to start. Why are you still complaining about yourself? Do you think you will give up when you meet the person you like next time, or will you think you don't deserve her again because of your inferiority complex? "

Cassandra's words were like a knife with blood, cutting Cassie's heart, dripping with blood.

Clenching her fists, Cassie stared at Cassandra blankly.

Seeing that the fire was almost ready, Cassandra stood up from the sofa and said, "I don't agree to help you stop my goddess. You have to solve all these things by yourself. I won't help you, and I can't do it either. As for the Ling Group, you can go as you like. No one can force you to do that."

After saying that, Cassandra left the ward without any hesitation.

Cassie stared at Cassandra's back until it disappeared.

What should she do?

Cassie sighed. After a long time, she picked up her phone again and found Peggy's number. After a long time, she gently pressed the dial button.

A few seconds later, a cold voice came from the other end of the phone, "Hello..."

Cassie's back froze, and a picture suddenly appeared in front of her. It was the first time she saw Peggy a long time ago. Under a pear tree, Peggy came with flowers, which was incomparably beautiful.

It was the most impressive glance that she would remember in her life.

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