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   Chapter 549 I Only Flirt With You!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6745

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"Come here."

In the dead silence, the man said in a spoiled tone, which seemed to be somewhat helpless and conniving.

Cassandra had drunk too much and was not sober at all. She had just lost her temper, but she couldn't remember it at all. The moment the man spoke, she suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Martin.

Time seemed to stand still. Everyone held their breath for fear of being blacklisted by Martin.

This man had never been so gentle to anyone.

In the past, others only thought that he was born in this way. After a long time, no one would take it seriously. But now, everyone realized that this man was not gentle, but his tenderness was too precious and only for the person in front of him.

Not far away, Fiona, who had just been regarded as the future mistress of the Lu clan, couldn't keep her usual elegant smile on her face at the moment. Although she had never responded to the matter of being the mistress of the Lu clan, subconsciously, she had already regarded herself as the wife of Martin, the future mistress of the Lu clan.

But at this moment, Martin's reaction was completely like slapping her face hardly.

Almost at the same time, Cassandra walked towards Martin. She was drunk and didn't remember who Martin was. She just thought that he was good-looking, more beautiful than everyone present. If she could kiss him, she would rather die the next second.

Looking at her like this, the inexplicable anger of Martin that had just been rising disappeared in an instant. Martin reached out and held her up, "Is that enough?"

Cassandra shook her head instinctively. It was not enough!

With a helpless look on his face, Martin said, "Forget it, Carlos. Get the car ready."

Carlos, who was overwhelmed by the public display of affection, said with a helpless expression, "Yes, master, I'll do it right now!"

If he didn't run away, he would still be bullied here!

After Carlos left, Martin held Cassandra's arm very gently and steadily. He didn't care about ot

old area around his waist, but she could not unbutton the belt.

"What the hell is this belt! Damn it! " The girl cursed in a low voice with chagrin on her face. She sat on the man's laps, and her face was flushed beyond words.

Her words brought Martin back to his senses. His face darkened, even though he was hotter than Cassandra, and he also wanted her...

However, he still reached out his hand and gently lifted the girl down from his thighs and placed her aside. Then he carefully buttoned his shirt bit by bit.

The girl next to him, who failed, stared at Martin discontentedly like a wild animal out of control.

After tidying up his clothes, Martin said in a childish tone, "It's not convenient here."

Cassandra seemed to understand what he meant. She looked dejected just now, but at this moment, a flame quickly lit up in her eyes, as if it would break out of her body in the next second and burn Martin to ashes.

"Where is it convenient? I can do anything for you, beauty! " Cassandra's face was full of expectation and the smile on her face was almost stiff.

Martin's face darkened and his fingers tightened. Finally, he asked a question that he had been holding back all night, "Have you... Have you also flirted with other men like this? "

Cassandra shook her head, "Of course not! I only flirt with you! "

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