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   Chapter 547 Don't Be So Naughty

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Outside James' villa.

A black Maybach stopped in front of the gate. As soon as the security guard saw the car, he immediately went forward and opened the door with a respectful expression.

The door opened and Martin got out of the car first, followed by a man in British style dark blue plaid suit.

When the man stood together with Martin, his aura was not inferior to that of Martin at all. Even if they were two men, there was no sense of contradiction between them. On the contrary, they gave people a matched sense.

"Go and inform Mr. James that Mr. Martin has arrived." The leader of the security guards immediately responded and ordered.

At this time, Martin and Cassandra had arrived at the entrance of the villa. The security guards on both sides of the entrance almost shouted in unison, "Good evening, Mr. Martin."

It shocked Cassandra. Martin didn't react much. He had been used to this kind of occasion, Damn it! If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have come with Martin. Now that they made such a big noise, she couldn't keep a low profile even if she wanted.

Cassandra lowered her head, trying to minimize her sense of existence. The two walked in almost side by side.

James walked over quickly with his men. He saw Martin at a glance, and the next second, a strange man appeared in his sight again.

James's pupils shrank slightly. His heart skipped a few beats inexplicably just by a glance. In his dark eyes, there seemed to be only this man left.

"Mr. James, happy birthday. This is a gift for you." Cassandra smiled and handed the gift to him.

It was not until then that James came to his senses. He immediately restrained his emotions, smiled and took the gift from Cassandra. "Thank you. Brother, this is..."

As Martin arrived and James came to greet him in person, a large group of people surrounded them. Hearing James's question, Martin hid the strange look in his eyes and said lightly, "My friend."


t's up to her." said Martin.

The corners of Robert's mouth twitched. He thought he and Talbot were showing off their love enough, but he didn't expect that there was a more ferocious one here.

Cassandra smiled awkwardly, "Let's talk about it then."

Robert didn't talk anymore. After all, his main goal was to increase the revenue of the Hugo Group. He didn't care other things now.

At this time, a group of rich men came in line to propose a toast to Martin.

Worried that Martin couldn't bear it anymore, Cassandra was about to wink at Robert for help. Suddenly, a rich man said with a flattering smile, "Ha-ha, I know you don't drink at all, Mr. Martin. Drink some water. I'd like to propose a toast to you. Cheers!"

After saying that, the rich man drank up the wine in his glass and pushed it aside judiciously. The other rich men continued to follow the rules, and no one really dared to pour wine for Martin.

Cassandra was dumbfounded. How could they do that?

Did they misunderstand Martin?

Martin was a good drinker!

"Ha-ha. Young man, I'd like to propose a toast to you too. Please enjoy yourself. Let me drink it up first. " A middle-aged man with a big belly said with a smile.

Cassandra was stunned and wondered what was going on?

Why did he propose a toast to her?

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