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   Chapter 546 Who Let You Come Here

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"Yes, they will. Robert and James have always been good friends." Martin replied meaningfully.

Cassandra didn't read the meaning of this sentence carefully, "Well, isn't Mr. Talbot learning architecture? I just want to borrow some books on architecture from him."

Martin, "Books on architecture?"

Cassandra nodded, "Yes, I have a role in director Johnny's new movie that has something to do with it, so I want to learn some basic knowledge to make up for it temporarily, in case that I will be embarrassed if I'm not able to read the design drawing."

"Yes, he will come." replied Martin.

'Does my wife like Talbot?'

He also knew architecture. Why didn't his wife look for him?

'Is my wife going to change her mind? '

After returning to the Yan Garden, the two of them changed their clothes before leaving with gifts.

In the Maybach car.

Cassandra looked around in the car for a long time, but didn't see the gift from Martin. She couldn't help asking, "Darling, where is the gift you will give to Mr. James? Why didn't I see it? "

"I've sent it there." replied Martin.

Cassandra scratched her head and thought for a while. Martin had a good relationship with Mr. James, so it was normal for him to send a gift in advance. However, she was curious about what gift Martin would give to Mr. James, but anyway, the gift from Martin must be good.

At the same time, in the house of James.

In a Chinese style independent villa.

Although the dinner party hadn't officially begun, the villa was already brightly lit, lively and hospitable.

Although James hadn't been on the board of directors of the Lu Group for several years, as soon as he came back, Martin immediately restored his position as a director and shareholder. Now, James was quite popular in the Lu Group. Almost half of the local people in the capital city had taken part in his birthday party.

At this moment, in the lounge on the second floor of the villa.

Perhaps it was because he had been imprisoned for a few years that James'

ed to find a few more investors to redeem some losses. As for Susan, she was a good fighter in this kind of occasion. It was not a bad thing to take the opportunity to meet more socialites.

"Next week, Miss Fiona will hold a party of celebrities at home. It is said that those invited are the top socialites of the capital city. Miss Yao, you must have received the invitation, right?" One of the ladies asked.

The lady named Yao, who was surrounded by the crowd, had an elegant smile on her face. "Of course, Miss Fiona and I grew up together. Of course she will invite me to her party."

"I really envy you! We are from a poor family. We don't even have the qualifications to attend the party! "

"Yes, I really envy Miss Yao!"

"Well, Miss Yao, next time you have such a chance, remember to take us with you to broaden our horizon..."

"Yes, Miss Yao, I heard that Miss Fiona would also come tonight. Is that true?"

"Miss Fiona is the most famous lady in the capital city. Only in this kind of occasion can you invite Miss Fiona..."

Susan sat aside and listened patiently.

At that time, it was not easy for her to ask Roger to personally get such an invitation, in order to show up at Fiona's party and refresh her sense of existence. After all, she needed these news to maintain her image, prove her innocence, and rebuild herself.

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