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   Chapter 545 Please Give Me More Advice

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The black heavy motorbike passed through the downtown area and headed for an unknown direction, as if it had no destination.

Martin sat on the back seat of the motorbike, listening to the cold wind whistling. Although he didn't know where Cassandra was taking him, he didn't worry at all.

He believed Cassandra more than his own life.

His heart beat faster and faster, as if it would lose control at any time. The man looked at the girl wearing a helmet from the rearview mirror. It was clearly black, but he seemed to be able to penetrate the black and see the eyes of the girl behind it.

Her eyes were as bright as the sea and stars.

After a long time, the motorbike stopped. Looking around, it was a sea of flowers, full of all kinds of wild flowers. Although these flowers were not expensive, they smelled very good.

Cassandra patted Martin's hand and said, "Here we are, sweetheart."

It was not until then that Martin came to his senses. He let go of Cassandra's waist, got off the motorcycle and took off the blue helmet on his head.

Cassandra also got off the motorcycle, took off her helmet and smiled, "How do you feel? Were you afraid? "

She guessed that it might be the first time in Martin's life that he had ridden a motorbike at such a fast speed.

Although Martin was not favored by the Lu clan since he was a child, the Lu clan's assets were placed here and he wouldn't be mistreated in money. After all, he was also a descendant of the Lu clan.

Martin looked at Cassandra and said, "I'm not afraid as long as you are with me."


Martin was talking lover's honeyed words again?

Cassandra pointed at the top of the mountain and said, "I used to come here for relaxation. There were wild flowers all over the mountain and it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, I feel as if all my troubles are gone."

Martin raised his head and saw the girl

like Fiona is more suitable for you, right? "

To be honest, she couldn't figure it out all the time. Did that really happen?

Martin, "You really don't remember?"

Cassandra was confused, "What? Should I remember what? "

Martin's words sounded strange.

Had they met before?

A strange look flashed across Martin's eyes, and he said, "Forget it. You just need to remember that no one dares to hurt you, neither do I."

Cassandra complained in her heart, 'No one dares hurt me? I was beaten into a dog in my previous life!'

However, it seemed that it was all her fault. It was not Martin's fault.

"Okay, I'll keep it in mind. If anyone dares to bully me in the future, I'll tell you immediately!" Cassandra flattered.

With a helpless look on his face, Martin reached out and gently rubbed the girl's head, "Okay."

Cassandra looked at her watch and said, "It's almost the time. Let's go back first. Today is Mr. James' birthday. Don't be late."

"Yes." replied Martin.

Cassandra, "By the way, will Mr. Robert and Mr. Talbot also come?"

Since last time, she hadn't heard about these two people. She only knew that Robert had officially entered the headquarters of the Hugo Group and acted as CEO. She didn't know what was going on between the two.

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