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   Chapter 541 Who Dares

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6444

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"Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that?" Cassandra retorted.

'Are you kidding me? I'm good at arguing with people. No one can defeat me except my sweetheart.'

Elena was stupid, she could easily refute her.

Sure enough, Elena was so angry that her face twisted. With a ferocious look, she stared at Cassandra and said, "You... How dare you talk to me like that! Don't you know who my cousin is? How could a poor loser from nowhere deserve to enter such a place? Saleswoman, are you blind? Throw this poor guy out! "

The saleswoman had thought that Cassandra was a poor loser, but there was a rule in the shop that she couldn't drive the guests away, so she didn't want to talk to her.

But she didn't expect that the loser had offended Elena.

The saleslady cast a dark glance at Cassandra and said slowly, "Didn't you hear that? Miss Elena has already said that. Why are you still standing here, a poor loser? Do you really want me to call the security? "

Cassandra looked up at the saleswoman and took two steps back. She sat down on the black sofa behind her and put the bag carefully beside her. Then she raised her eyes slowly, "What if I don't go?"

The saleslady sneered and her face turned cold all of a sudden. Lillian, what are you waiting for? Call the security! "

The saleslady, who was about to fetch clothes for Cassandra, trembled all over and explained hesitantly, "Lana, there is a rule in the company that we can't..."

The saleswoman called Lana stared coldly at Lillian. This woman was really a complete idiot. How could she still think about the company's rules at this moment?

Even if there was a rule in the company, so what?

She had to make an excuse at that time. After all, the company wouldn't offend a lady like Susan for a poor loser.

Lana sneered, "Won't you call them? I'll call them myself, loser! "

Lana took out her phone and was about to m

. Zhao, this poor man... This man not only broke into our shop forcibly, but also stole things from the Bogy Shop. I called the security guard to help me deal with it for the company's sake. Mr. Zhao, you must not let this thief go! "

"Yes, Mr. Zhao. We all saw it with our own eyes. This man is not a good man. We hope you can deal with it fairly. Otherwise, we can only call the police." Elena interrupted abruptly, adding fuel to the fire.

"Yes! Mr. Zhao, Miss Elena and others have been present all the time. They can testify that it's all this man's fault! "

The young man called Mr. Zhao was so angry that blue veins stood out on his forehead. He walked to the sofa with a dark face, with a thin layer of cold sweat on his forehead. He said respectfully, "I'm sorry, Mr. Samuel. It's my fault to not discipline my subordinates well and cause you trouble. Please forgive me, Mr. Samuel. Don't worry. I will deal with it impartially."

Nobody knew that he was almost scared to death when he received the phone call from Carlos, especially when Carlos said the last sentence——

"Zhao, that's the most important person for Mr. Martin. You should think about how to deal with it."


How could he have such stupid subordinates?

He was almost killed this time!

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