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   Chapter 540 I Don't Know You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6584

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At a shopping mall in the capital city.

Although it was office hour, there were still many people shopping in the mall at this time.

At this time, a man wearing a black helmet, riding a black heavy motorcycle with ease, stopped at the temporary parking position of the mall like lightning.

After the motorbike stopped, the man took off his helmet and put it on the motorbike.

"Ahhh! This man is so handsome! "

"Which young man is he! I want to be his fans! !"

"I really want to go and ask for his phone number!"

"He is so handsome! I want to sleep with him! "

"Such a beautiful boy must be a gay!"

Ignoring the discussions around, Cassandra walked towards the entrance of the mall.

Not far away, a black Bentley car stopped at the entrance of the mall. Behind the Bentley car, there was a black Benz S level car.

Then, the security guard went to open the door, and Susan got out of the car with several women.

Cassandra paused and looked at Susan. 'Enemies are bound to meet in a narrow alley.'

They had met each other everywhere in their lives. They even met in this shopping mall.

However, Cassandra came here for business today, not to mention that she was wearing men's clothes, and Susan couldn't recognize her, so she lowered her head and walked towards another entrance of the mall.

On the other side, Susan caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, but it disappeared quickly. Before she could make sure, the figure had disappeared.

"Susan, what are you looking at? Is there anything beautiful over there? Let's go inside! " Elena Xu held Susan's arm intimately and said flatteringly.

Elena Xu was a distant cousin of Susan. Although she was good-looking, she didn't have any acting skills. But with the support of Susan, she was used to being domineering in the GR Group. Many people in the GR Group had complaints about her, but because of Susan, they dared not to say anything.

Elena was not stupid. She knew very

y friend. His height is suitable."

Hearing this, the saleslady breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, I'll get it for you right away. Please wait a moment."

"Wait..." A mocking voice came from behind.

The saleslady was stunned. She turned around and saw several debutantes coming in. Following the saleslady's sight, Cassandra frowned slightly, because the people who came in were Susan and Elena.

"Miss Susan, why didn't you tell me in advance that you would come here today? Please come in!" The beautiful woman who was busy with makeup just now immediately twisted her slender waist like a water snake and welcomed them warmly.

Susan was a VIP in the shopping mall. Every time she went shopping, she would spend more than a million dollars. She enjoyed the noble VIP service in the whole shopping mall, so the saleswoman naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity to flatter Susan.

Susan nodded slightly to the saleslady, but looked at Cassandra. Then she walked towards Cassandra and said, "Mr. Samuel, what a coincidence to meet you here."

Cassandra glanced at her coldly, "Sorry, I don't know you."

A malicious look flashed across Susan's eyes. Before she could say anything, Elena had already surrounded her. "Who do you think you are? Susan is talking to you. What's your attitude? "

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