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   Chapter 539 Don't Get too Close to Me

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Without any expression on his face, Peggy walked towards Luther step by step. Cassandra wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

Besides, she was an outsider and it was improper for her to get involved in this situation.

"Mr. Luther, I just want to see Cassie. I have never thought of hurting her. I have made it clear to her that I don't like her anymore. Do you want me to deceive her all the time?" Staring at Luther, Peggy said word by word.

Cassandra raised her head and fixed her eyes on Peggy. For some reason, a hint of appreciation flashed across her eyes at that moment.

In fact, Peggy didn't like Cassie Gao any more. She made it clear to her, which was the most responsible thing for her. However, in a relationship, there would always be someone who didn't want to end it. At that time, she was also like this. Because she couldn't forget it, she was so easily deceived and used by Roger.

Luther Gao was so excited that his eyes were burning with anger. "You promised me that you would take care of Cassie all your life. You not only lied to me, but also hurt Cassie. I'm going to ruin your reputation! "

There was a slight ripple in Peggy's deep eyes, and her face was calm. "I can give up anything, and I can take care of her for a lifetime, but I can't continue to give her the love she wants. I'm sorry."

Luther's eyes were as cold as ice, "Then why did you provoke her back then? Why do you give up now? Peggy, do you know that she could have a happy marriage and family in the past? All these were ruined because of you, because you said you liked her, and you would give her a future she wanted. Peggy, how can you be so selfish? "

Speaking of the last sentence, Luther's voice was no longer as angry as before, but became panic.

With her eyes and brows lowered, Peggy kept silent and said in a low and hoarse voice, "I'm sorry."

She shouldn't have said

ertainment circle." Peggy suddenly interrupted Cassandra.

But there was a touch of depression hidden in her eyes.

Cassandra was stunned, and then remembered her purpose of coming here today. She hurriedly said, "No, goddess, we have found the key point of the problem, and now the era is very open, in fact, this can't be regarded as a stain. You don't have to ruin your future for this. It's not easy for you to achieve what you have today, and there's still hope for the Golden Sand Award. It's a pity that you quit now. "

Staring at Cassandra with her deep eyes for a while, Peggy smiled bitterly and said, "Compared with a life, my future is nothing. Do you really want me to force Cassie to death and drive Luther crazy? I owe Cassie once. I don't want to owe her a second time. "

Cassandra wanted to say something more, but Peggy had already turned around and got on the car. Cassandra didn't come to her senses until the car sped away in front of her.

For a moment, an idea flashed through her mind, 'If Martin is a girl...


How could he be a girl!

Cassandra immediately took out her phone and called Martin. After all, she was scared just now. She needed comfort now.

After the phone call, Cassandra rode to the antique shop.

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