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   Chapter 534 Too Outrageous

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Cassandra made a cup of original coffee for Daniel, and brought milk balls and sugar specially and carefully. After all, they were friends, and it was necessary to be considerate.

Daniel glanced at the coffee on the tea table and asked directly, "Is the script here?"

Cassandra nodded, "Yes, I've prepared it for a long time. But in order to keep it a secret, I can only show you the first part. Please don't mind, Mr. Daniel."

After all, this script was the fruit of the painstaking efforts of Victor. Even if Cassandra believed in Daniel, she didn't dare to give it all to Daniel, not because she was afraid that Daniel would leak it out. But after all, there were other people outside who might touch this script. If it was leaked out, how could she deserve Victor's trust?

Moreover, after what had happened in her previous life, except for Martin, it was difficult for her to trust anyone unconditionally, but she would speak it out directly.

Daniel looked up at Cassandra. Of course he could hear the implication of her words just now. Although he understood what Cassandra was doing, he still felt a sense of loss inexplicably.

Daniel nodded slightly, "Okay, can I take this script with me?"

Cassandra coughed, "Of course, but please don't be careless, Mr. Daniel. You can't let the second person know the content of this script, even your assistant."

Daniel, "Okay, I see. If there's nothing else, I'll go first."

Cassandra didn't ask him to stay, "Okay, but I see that you don't look good. You should take more rest. Health is the most important thing."

Daniel's heart trembled slightly, and he lowered his head awkwardly. He didn't dare to look at Cassandra, but said in a low voice, "Okay."

Cassandra also stood up from the sofa and sent Daniel away in person. Then she went to look for Johnny and Jack.

Since the last press conference, the box office of "God of War" was very stable, and it had smoothly broken through one billion and five hundred million. According to the previous publicity of the official microblog

ied, so she asked.

Hearing this, Johnny said solemnly, "We signed a total of 5 new people before, and these new people performed very well, hard-working and good at acting. You have a good taste, especially Colin, who has a solid foundation of speech, plus the experience of the stage play, he did the best. If I hadn't chosen the leading actor before, I would have asked him to be the leading role. "

Cassandra raised her eyebrows slightly, "If he really has the strength, I think you might as well help him a little. Maybe the selling point of the double male leading role is also good."

Johnny was stunned, "Double leading role?"

Cassandra nodded, "Well, I've seen it before. Your shooting cycle is not long, and it should be able to be finished before the Kyoto Film Festival. If it can win the double best actor award... Then the Ring Entertainment Industry will really benefit from you. "

"Damn it! Samuel, do you really dare to think about it? Are you sure you are really thinking like this? The Kyoto Film Festival had been held for 23 times, but there had never been a double best actor award... Besides, it's not that I don't believe Johnny, but isn't it too outrageous? " Jack blurted out without thinking.

It was the Kyoto Film Festival!

Many domestic A-listers showed up, and many stars became famous overnight in the entertainment circle!

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