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   Chapter 531 I Promise You

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"Nothing is wrong." Said Martin.

The corners of Carlos' mouth twitched. 'Master, can't you just say it and let me deal with those troubles?'

"Well. Master, don't worry. I will keep an eye on her during this period of time. Besides, she is now working outside as Samuel. So, before the end of the Golden Sand Award, it should be impossible for the outside world to know that the one signed by Victor is Cassandra. " Carlos analyzed quietly.

"Yes," replied Martin

Carlos, "If there's nothing else, I'll go downstairs first."

"Okay," replied Martin.

In a villa district of the capital city.

In the house of Victor.

This was a pure Chinese independent villa. The decoration of the villa was very exquisite, showing that it was low-key and luxurious.

As soon as Victor got home, he immediately went upstairs to the study and took out a file bag from the safe, and then quickly went downstairs.

"Cassandra, this is the script I said. Read it first. I'm going to cook." Victor put the portfolio on the tea table and said.

Cassandra nodded, "Okay, please go ahead, director Victor."

Victor said a few words and went to pour a cup of warm water for Cassandra before he went to the kitchen.

Cassandra looked around and then looked at the portfolio. To be honest, he was quite ambitious. He had collected the script for several years, but he gave it to others so easily. Wasn't he afraid that others would plagiarize his work?

Shaking her head, Cassandra opened the portfolio and took out something. In addition to a thick script, there were also some original designs of characters drawn by hands. At the top of the design drawing, there was a very handsome man in a black dress. He had two small horns on the left and right sides of his forehead, and his eyes were deep purple, even if it was just a manuscript, but there seemed to be thousands of bright stars in his dark purple eyes.

In the lower left corner of the manuscript, there were two words written with a pencil: Carl Yu

or her own belief, so I have no reason to refuse you."

Victor, "Thank you. If I hadn't met you, I would rather keep this script in silence all my life. Fortunately, I met you."

Cassandra smiled, "Maybe this is the wonderful fate between people."

Victor sighed, "Maybe. I will send you a copy of this script later, including the contract and other things. And if you have any requirements, you can tell me. As long as it is reasonable, I will consider it."

Cassandra scratched her head, "Speaking of this, I really want you to do me a favor."

"Do you want me to keep your identity a secret for you?"

Cassandra nodded, "Director Victor, you are really a smart man. I have my own difficulties to disguise as a man now, so please understand and keep this secret for me. I know it can't be kept forever, but it's not the time yet."

"Well, everyone has his or her own secret, which I won't force. Besides, I don't intend to release the news before the movie is displayed. The shooting of the crew will also be confidential. You can rest assured."

Hearing this, Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief. She had been worried that the movie would attract too much attention at that time. After all, it was a new movie after a few years of silence of Victor. It must be popular. Fortunately, he did not intend to shoot it in public.

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