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   Chapter 530 I've Been Waiting for You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6664

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The air in the car froze in an instant. Cassandra's pupils shrank slightly and her face froze. She stared at Victor without blinking.

She had disguised as a man for a long time, and Victor was the first one to see through her identity. She had thought about many possibilities before, but she did not expect that it would be such an occasion.

Cassandra raised her eyebrows slightly, "You're so smart that you can recognize me, director Victor. Yes, I am indeed Cassandra, and my assumed name is Samuel, just for the convenience of work. As for other things, I don't think I need to explain anything to you, right?"

Victor, "Miss Cassandra, you are a straightforward person. Aren't you afraid that I will expose the news? With your current identity in the entertainment circle, once you are exposed, you will be Cassandra. Aren't you afraid of the rumors outside? "

Cassandra smiled, "Indeed, what you said is a fatal blow to me now. After all, many things in this circle can't be judged by normal logic, especially now, my situation is not good, but I believe that you won't do that."

Victor chuckled, "Why?"

Cassandra, "If you want to expose me, you wouldn't talk to me alone after Johnny and Quinton left."

With a touch of appreciation on his face, Victor nodded and said, "You're right. I asked Quinton to invite Johnny here today to inquire about you, but I didn't expect that you would come with him."

Cassandra was stunned, "You want to know something about me?"

Victor smiled, "Since you know me, you should know that I haven't made any films for nearly 5 years, right?"

Cassandra nodded and said in confusion, "Yes. You haven't made any new film since the movie "Earth" which was popular all over the world. Does it have anything to do with me?"

The theme of Victor's film had always been related to the real life, which was one of the reasons why his film was not popular. After the explosion of "Earth" in the past few years, there had been no film of him

table garden. It seemed that he couldn't feel at ease without seeing this prosperous vegetable garden.

"Well. Master, what did she say? " Carlos asked cautiously.

Somehow, he felt that his master seemed to be in a better mood after answering the phone?

Was he blind?

If he didn't mishear, his sister-in-law would come back late, wouldn't she?

How could his master be so open-minded now?

Martin, "Victor invites her to act."

Carlos was stunned, "Victor? Is he the one who hasn't made films for several years? "

Maybe he was really blind...

That's Victor!

He was the first Chinese American director to win an Oscar in Asia!


No, the master doesn't like Cassandra to act, does he?' That's why Cassandra turned to be the backstage manipulator. What's going on now?

"Yes," replied Martin

With a confused look on his face, Carlos said in a low voice, "Director Victor hasn't worked for several years. However, because of the leave of Halley, he has just been promoted as the vice group leader of the Golden Sand Award. Now he is looking for Cassandra to act. Is it...? Not good? "

As soon as Halley left and the position of deputy group leader was just taken over by Victor, he couldn't wait to sign Cassandra to shoot his new film. What would the outside think? Victor favoritism?

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