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   Chapter 528 Do Your Best

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6670

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In the Ring Entertainment Industry.

Cassandra was busy with dealing with documents when Johnny knocked on the door and came in.

Without raising her head, Cassandra asked, "Johnny, what can I do for you?"

Johnny looked a little embarrassed, "My teacher just called me and asked me to go to the film and television city. He said that he had something to ask me. Jack is not here. I can't drive. Can you send me there? "

Johnny did have extraordinary talent and persistence in acting, but he seemed to be not good at anything other than filming. It was said that he had also applied for a driving license, but he didn't passed the examination.

Cassandra, "Okay, wait for me downstairs. I'll go to the garage to get my car."

Johnny nodded, "Okay."

A few minutes later, Cassandra picked up Johnny and rushed to the film and television city.

"By the way, who is your teacher? Why haven't you mentioned it before? " Cassandra asked casually while driving.

Johnny, "The boss of Shen Film Company, Quinton Shen."

Cassandra was stunned. She didn't expect that Johnny's teacher was Quinton Shen.

Quinton was also a member of the Shen clan, the second uncle of Fiona. Among the three brothers of the Shen clan, he was the most invincible one. He had devoted all his life to the film industry. Although he was the boss of the Shen Film Company, he cherished talents all the time.

However, although Quinton loved the film career, people had never heard of that he had any apprentice. Even Cassandra didn't know that Johnny was Quinton's apprentice.

Although Cassandra didn't like Fiona, she still admired Quinton. Nowadays, there were not many directors in this circle who didn't shoot a movie casually for money.

Cassandra, "Mr. Quinton is your teacher? Why didn't you mention it before? "

Damn it! She must have stepped on dog shit...

Johnny lowered his eyes slightly and said, "I don't want to discredit my teacher."

Cassandra glanced at him indifferently, "Don

is a capable man. But in this circle, it's not enough just to be capable. How many talented people have been buried here? If Johnny really stays in that small company all the time, it's hard to say what will happen in the future. "

Victor, "Everyone has his own ambitions."

"He's not your apprentice. Of course you don't feel sorry for me. You know, I have two apprentices in my life... Forget it. Let bygones be bygones. "

Victor looked up at Quinton, "Haven't you let go of that thing?"

Hearing this, Quinton's face suddenly darkened. He snorted, "That thing has always been a thorn in my heart. I didn't expect that I would raise an ungrateful man myself! Humph! "

Victor sighed slightly, "Forget it. Let's not talk about these old things. You are not as healthy as before. Don't you have any idea in your heart?"

All of a sudden, Quinton looked at Victor and couldn't help but sigh deeply. "Yes, it's all because of the time. Look at our old bones, I don't know how long we can work. We have promised to stop shooting together. Don't break your promise."

Victor answered, "No, I won't."

"That's good. By the way, do you really just want to see my apprentice today? Do... Do you want to start filming again? "

Victor kept silent for two seconds and said, "What if I say yes? Do you think I'm crazy?"

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