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   Chapter 524 What's Male Couple

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"I don't understand." Jack was still confused.

With the popularity of variety show, the audience gradually got familiar with the new comers' existence. Although it was not a permanent solution for an actor or actress, it was easy to let the audience remember their faces. After that, they would produce one or two more representative works and win one or two awards. Even if they couldn't be super star, it was not a big problem to be a famous star.

This kind of hype was very popular in the entertainment circle in the next few years. After all, when many young stars just started their career, with no acting skill or representative works. They could only make the audience familiar with them by appearing frequently in the public view.

Cassandra, "It's none of your business. Just do as I say. Besides, keep Colin for me. I'll take care of him myself."

Jack was stunned, "Why? Although Colin is handsome, Samuel, you can't be so biased! The other young stars are not human? Mr. Samuel, you should be fair! "

Bah! This was an era of extreme evilness that depended on one's face!

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him, "Can you think of something serious? Among these newcomers, Colin is the most talented one. In addition, he has the experience of stage play, so I will specially train him. Besides, I don't intend to train him myself. I'm going to discuss with Daniel and ask him to train him. "

Daniel was flamboyant and unruly, while Colin was introverted and low-key. In any way, there would be a sharp contrast between them. Therefore, from the very beginning, Cassandra decided to hype these two people.

In the past few years, the female fans who supported gay men were gradually occupying the market, especially in the younger generation. The number of this kind of female fans was astonishing. With the change of the times, the gossip between men and women could no longer satisfy these women's minds. Therefore, the male couple was gradually accepted, and a random topic was enough to ignite the heat, especially these two people had completely different personal

ole company.

There was nothing important in the following meeting. After the meeting, Cassandra didn't stay in the company any longer and rushed to the film and television city.

It was the first time that Cassandra had come to the film and television city since the shooting of "God of War" was over. After arriving at the film and television city, she went straight to a crew and found a place to sit down.

The shooting of the crew was basically not made public, especially the most important part of the movie, and even one scene could not be released to the public. Otherwise, the mystery of the plot would be lost. Unless the crew deliberately hyped it, some of the scenes would be released.

Cassandra was not a member of the crew, so she didn't get close. She just watched outside, and there was no reason for the crew to drive her away.

After the shooting, the director asked people to fix the makeup for the main characters, and some of them had to change their clothes. Everything was going well, and at this time, a loud noise suddenly came from the crew.

The director looked over and asked, "What happened?"

A man rushed over to see what was going on. The director seemed worried and followed him. A few minutes later, a man in a white shirt was kicked out awkwardly.

"Director Li, I came here for your sake. What's going on now? Arrange this slut for me? "

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