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   Chapter 521 Getting Married

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"Abbott Ding? Is he the famous playboy? " Daniel asked.

Bobby glanced at him speechlessly. 'Boss, who gave you the courage to call him a playboy?

Everyone in the capital city knows that you are a famous playboy.'

Bobby grumbled in his heart and then said, "Yes, Abbott was originally the general manager of the Ding Group. However, in the past few years, the Ding Group was messed up by Abbott. It is said that the loss of last year was 1.6 billion. In a fit of anger, the master of the Ding clan directly deprived him of his position as general manager and transferred him to a subsidiary company. In the past few years, although Aaron had borrowed some resources from the Ding clan, under his management, the Times Movie City has developed very well, which has won the favor of the master of the Ding clan. There are rumors that the master of the Ding clan will hand over the Ding Group to Aaron. Of course, Abbott won't await his doom."

Daniel frowned, "What does the internal strife of the Ding clan have to do with Emily?"

Bobby cleared his throat, "Don't you understand or pretend not to? A man never gave up on a woman. He didn't even care about her giving birth to a child. He even gave a branch company to Emily at the cost of his future. What do you think he did that for? Is it for pure friendship? "

'Are you out of your mind? How could you ask such a stupid question?'

Daniel's face darkened. "Do you mean that Aaron likes Emily?"

Bobby, "Yes, he does like Emily. According to the investigation, Aaron has proposed to Emily seven times, but Emily refused."

Daniel pinched between his eyebrows, "She refused?"

Bobby sighed, "Yes. In the past few years, there has been no other man around Emily except for Aaron. If I'm not wrong, the reason why Emily refused Aaron is..."

Daniel interrupted him coldly, "Shut up!"

With an aggrieved look on his face, Bobby thought, 'You abandoned her. Why don't you allow others to say it?'

"But to be honest, E

ss it's because Emily doesn't want you to interfere in their lives... Hello? Damn you! Hang up my phone again! Don't mess around! "

Bobby immediately turned around and rushed back to Daniel's house. As soon as his car entered the community, he saw Daniel rushing out in the black Bentley car.

Bobby was completely dumbfounded. 'Damn it! Why does he always act like a child? Doesn't he know how many eyes are staring at him outside now?'


If the reporters took pictures of Daniel speeding, it would cause a big trouble!

Speechless, Bobby stepped on the gas and followed him quickly.

In the Yan Garden.

After watching Martin take the medicine and dealing with the official documents, Cassandra stretched herself and habitually picked up her phone to open the microblog.

As soon as she opened microblog, she saw the news of Aaron and Emily's marriage on the top search of microblog.

"Eh... Emily is getting married? " Cassandra muttered with her eyes wide open.

Martin stretched out his hand and gently rubbed her head, "Is there a problem?"

'Yes, there is!'

Although she didn't know much about Daniel and Emily, she felt that the relationship between the two was not simple.

Cassandra touched her forehead, "I can't explain it clearly either. I always feel that something is wrong..."

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