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   Chapter 520 What Would You Do

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"Cut the crap. Go and find out who is the father of Emily's child." Daniel lowered his voice deliberately.

Bobby's back froze and said in an unnatural voice, "Emily's child? Do you have any misunderstanding about Emily and the child? "

Bobby knew that Emily was Daniel's former agent. Although Bobby didn't know the specific reason why Emily left Daniel, he knew a little about it. However, since Emily left, they broke up with each other. Why did he suddenly think of Emily?

'Besides, to investigate Emily's child...

What's going on?'

Daniel, "Yes, I want the detailed information of that woman in the past few years, including that child."

Bobby scratched his head and said, "Sir, if I remember correctly, Emily has been away for several years. What's wrong with you all of a sudden? We're have a lot of work to do now. Are you still in the mood to care about it? "

'What are you thinking about?'

Daniel pinched between his eyebrows, "That child might be mine."

Bobby was completely dumbfounded. What was going on?

Emily had a child, and this child might be Daniel's...

If this news was spread out, it would probably cause a huge earthquake of ten degree in the whole entertainment circle!

"My boss, don't talk nonsense! I'll check it first, okay? Before the result comes out, we can't let anyone know about it! " Bobby was about to cry.

'I really can't do this job!'

Following Daniel, Bobby felt like riding a roller coaster every day...

Daniel said in a deep voice, "I know. You go and check it yourself. Don't leak any information."

Bobby, "Yes, yes! I'll check it right away! I'll inform you as soon as I get any news! "

Daniel didn't say anything more and hung up the phone. When he looked at the little girl's eyebrows and eyes just now, he felt they were similar to his. She was only three years old, and the time was consistent...

Did Emily leave him because... Being pregnant?

But how could it be possible?

If Emily had a child, why didn't she tell him but left by herself?


CEO of the headquarters of the Times Movie City, Aaron Ding."

Daniel frowned. "Aron Ding?"

Bobby immediately said, "Yes, he is a high school classmate of Emily. Before Emily entered the FX International Group, she was invited by Aron to work in the Times Movie City, but Emily didn't agree at that time. After giving birth to Maggie, Emily entered the Times Movie City and became the CEO of a branch company of Times Movie City. In the past few years, Emily made a great achievement in the Times Movie City.

However, in addition to work, she had always been alone and offended many senior leaders. This time, after the release of "God of War", Emily had a bet with the Vice President Felton. However, Felton was indeed shameless. It was obvious that he lost the bet, but he was unwilling to fulfill his bet to leave the company. I heard that Emily had reported it to the headquarters, but somehow, it was temporarily suppressed. "

Daniel frowned and said unhappily, "Isn't Aron CEO? He can't even handle such a small thing? "

Bobby's mouth twitched slightly, "Sir, not everyone is as domineering as you, okay? In the past few years, the Times Movie City has developed very well, but the internal strife between the brothers of the Ding clan is becoming more and more obvious. Felton is a member of Abbott Ding's men, the eldest brother of Aaron. "

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