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   Chapter 515 Do You Really Dare

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6663

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"Loser! Why are you still standing there! Pull off the plug! " Irvin's voice was almost out of anger, and he roared not far away.

However, before the staff could do anything, they were stopped by a group of reporters. No matter who did it, the following information must be more fierce than just now. They would not let go of this opportunity to be famous.

Besides, wasn't it too late to pull off the plug now?

"Mr. Irvin, this video doesn't seem to be fake. Since the matter is still not over, I think you shouldn't stop him. Are you doing this because you feel guilty?" Someone said.

The whole scene was in an uproar. Everyone was talking with each other. Compared with the previous explanation of Terence and a few photos, the video just now was more shocking.

"Yes, Mr. Irvin asked someone to pull off the plug. It's obvious that he doesn't want him to continue, isn't it?"

"Edward admitted that it was Terence who bribed him. The previous screenshots and microblog are true. Cassandra is the most innocent!"

"Terence's words are so unbelievable. He confounded right and wrong. It's his own self-directing and self-acting, and he also said that it's someone else's fault..."

"Then what about the photos of Edward in hospital?"

"Didn't you notice that Edward just said that he had a lot of other people's information in hand? So, isn't it highly possible that he got black money from others to break the news?"

"I'm scared to think about it now..."

"Calm down, everyone. This is just the beginning. There will be more exciting news next. Would you like to hear it?" The deep and hoarse voice sounded again.

All of a sudden, the whole conference room exploded. Everyone's voice was almost the same. Not only that, the comments of all the Livestream platforms had gone crazy, and the number of online users of each platform was increasing by almost a multiple, breaking several records in a row.

"Yes, yes! Please tell me! "

"Support you! That's awesome! "

Cassandra sneered, "Who on earth is bewitching the public and confusing black and white? If you think that the evidence I have is fake, I can call the police now. But, director Terence, do you really dare? "

Terence stared at Cassandra with his eyes wide open. Blue veins stood out on his forehead, but he couldn't find a word to refute.

"Mr. Samuel, this is the GR Group. Please watch your tone." Irvin said coldly.

Cassandra raised her eyebrows, "Are you threatening me?"

Irvin choked and sneered, "Of course not. But this matter involves the people under my company. We can't stand by. Today's press conference is over. Please leave."

A smile appeared on Cassandra's face, but it didn't reach the bottom of her eyes. It was so cold that it made people shiver.

Cassandra's voice was a little cold, "The press conference was held by your company, and now we are going to say something, Mr. Irvin is in a hurry to end it. Do you think that all the staff of the major media are stupid, or do you think that we are easy to bully?

Terence had been slandering Miss Cassandra and the FX International Group. Mr. Irvin, why didn't you think there was anything wrong with your company's behavior just now? I have evidence to refute, but you threatened me again and again. Do you really think I'm afraid of you? "

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