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   Chapter 512 False Rumors

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At the headquarter building of the GR Group.

In the CEO office.

Roger sat calmly on the black leather chair, and his eyes fell on the computer screen in front of him. Although the whole conference room was crowded with people, Roger still recognized Cassandra at a glance.

The aura of Cassandra and others when they entered the hall was so strong that they would be the most eye-catching wherever they went. Roger had been in charge of the GR Group for many years, so he naturally understood what it meant.

Apart from other aspects, with Cassandra's temperament and excellent acting skills, she was better than those young men who spent money to get popular. What's more, she could play two roles by herself and make a lot of money. She would have a bright future in the entertainment circle in the future.

It was a pity that he didn't realize that Cassandra could be so dazzling back then.

Back then, Cassandra and Susan went to the same university, but the two of them were totally different. Since Susan entered the school, she had become the recognized campus beauty, but Cassandra had always been plain and without any brilliance. That was why he had chosen Susan without hesitation, the apple of the eyes of the Yan Clan.

However, since Cassandra got married, she seemed to have changed a lot. Although she was still with the same face, nothing could hinder her growth. She was like a piece of uncut jade, which was polished and carved into priceless treasures.

He could have owned Cassandra, but he pushed her into another man's arms.


Roger couldn't help clenching his fingers, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. A moment later, he called Vincent over.

"Mr. Roger, what can I do for you?" Vincent couldn't figure out what his boss meant, so he asked cautiously.

Roger glanced at him and said, "After the press conference, you go to contact with the Ring Entertainment Industry. I want to purchase this company."

Vincent was stunned, "Acquire the Ring Entertainment Industry?"

Roger narrowed his eyes and said, "Y


After bowed, Terence raised his head again, sat down on the chair, and said in a deep voice, "Last night, there was a news on the Internet that I bribed the entertainment reporter, Mr. Edward, on the microblog, and the so-called relevant evidence was posted. I am here to solemnly announce, with my reputation, that the things accused by Mr. Edward on the microblog are fake and false rumors, and I and the company will find legal channels to pursue Mr. Edward's legal responsibility, and ask Mr. Edward to compensate for my personal reputation loss! "

As soon as Terence said this, everyone was shocked. Terence denied in person, which meant that the news released by Edward was all fake.

Comments on all the platforms were flooding the screen crazily.

"Director Terence, if you say that the news released by Edward is a rumor, how can you explain the evidence he has released, especially the sound recording, has been verified and is not fake?"

"Director Terence, are you really framing Cassandra and the crew of "God of War" for the Golden Sand Award?"

"The box office of the 'God of War' is said to be fake. Does it have anything to do with you? Director Terence, please give me a positive answer! "

"There are rumors on the Internet that you are suspected of drug abuse, and slept with many female stars. Is that true? Please answer my question! "

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