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   Chapter 509 Add Insult to Injury

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"Jack, don't be so excited. Although this matter has been solved, there is still a big problem, box office fraud. Give me more time. During this period, no matter official or private, you should not make any comments to the public." Cassandra said immediately.

Jack, "Yes! Don't worry. I'll take care of the company! "

Cassandra said a few words and hung up the phone. Now she had solved the matter of being said to be a mistress, and the rest was the fake box office problem.

Although Charles didn't get involved in the matter on the surface, he told the public that it was someone else exposed it. As a professional commentator, he just made the truth public. That was the reason why Charles was smarter than Edward. He didn't get himself involved in the matter on the surface. Even if there was a problem later, he still had the chance to explain.

However, Cassandra didn't intend to let him go this time.

Now that she got the information about Terence from Edward, it was highly possible that Charles was also arranged by Terence. In the early days, Terence was known as a top director of the GR Group, who was low-key and careful, and there was almost no gossip about him. But this time, for the sake of the Golden Sand Award, Terence bought off the paparazzi to spread rumors, his image was about to collapse.

About 2 hours after Edward's microblog was released, the GR Group officially announced that they would investigate the matter and give an explanation to the public. As for Terence, he did not show up from beginning to end, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Cassandra also wanted to know how he was going to get rid of it.

In a villa district of the capital city.

In the study of the Ye Family.

Terence Ye was sitting on the sofa with a gloomy face. He had received a lot of phone calls as soon as Edward's microblog post was released, as well as a lot of private messages on microblog and Wechat, especially some investors who cooperated with him all wanted to call to ask what was going on.

Once this matter wa

le evidence, now on the Internet, many people were sympathized with Cassandra who was framed, while on the other side, many people doubted Terence.

"Terence, you finally answered the phone." Charles leaned back in his chair and said with a smile.

"Charles, do you want to add insult to injury by calling me at this time?"

Charles smiled and said, "Terence, you misunderstood me. We have been working together for so many years. When had I done such a thing? But, you know, now the Internet is one-sided against you, and even the public opinion that has been hard to make at the fake box office is doubted now. If it goes on like this, you will be in a very bad situation."

"So?" Terence sneered.

"I'm a businessman. I've prepared the clarification article. Ten million. If you agree, I'll send it out immediately. I promise to reverse the public opinion and keep your safety with ten million. Isn't it a good deal? As long as you can get the Golden Sand Award successfully, I heard that the conditions that Mr. Roger set for you have doubled. "

Ten million to buy a clarification article. Obviously, Charles was taking advantage of the situation to rob. But up to now, there was no other way for Terence to go. Charles was right. If ten million could solve this matter, it was cost-effective.

He was afraid that ten million couldn't solve the problem.

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