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   Chapter 508 What Do You Want to Do

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Cassandra followed Edward's sight and saw a silver white laptop on the black stone platform. Since Edward cared about that laptop so much, there must be something shady in it.

Cassandra walked towards the black stone platform. All of a sudden, Edward's face turned pale and his whole body trembled crazily. He almost tried his best to shout, "Don't... Please don't touch the computer... Don't... "

In his business, the biggest taboo was to be used for nothing. Therefore, all the things he had done over the years had kept the contact information of the other sides, including some financial connections. If the other party wanted to default afterwards, he had these things in hand, which were enough to make them yield.

It could be said that once the content of the computer was leaked out, Edward would be completely destroyed.

Cassandra ignored him and walked to the black stone platform. She opened the laptop and found it needed a password. With the laptop in one hand, Cassandra walked back to Edward and said coldly, "What's the password."

Edward shook his head with a pale face and begged painfully, "No... No way... If these things are exposed, I will die... No way... Please... I beg you... Please... Spare my life! I promise I won't do that again. Please... "

Cassandra's eyes darkened. She pointed her gun at one of Edward's arms and said in a mocking voice, "You only have one chance..."

Edward was scared out of his wits. This woman was really crazy!

Edward stared at Cassandra with a devastated look. If he had known that this woman was so difficult to deal with, he would not have taken the job to frame her. He had thought that she was just an unpopular actress and could not stir up any trouble, but he did not expect that she would not play according to the routine at all.

Cassandra had fired two shots in a row just now. Who knew if this woman would go crazy and shoot him to death!

Edward's face turned gray, "I say... I say... But c

op director of the GR Group, Terence.

"Holy shit! As an onlooker, I think the plot was incredible! "

"For the Golden Sand Award, he even dares to do such a thing. He is awesome."

"Damn it! I've been wondering how it could be so coincident that the "God of War" was involved in this kind of gossip when it became popular. It turned out that there was a pusher behind it... "

"Shouldn't the GR Group and Terence give an explanation? Give my husband and the "God of War" justice! "

"Really? I'm so blind to support Terence all the time... "

"Is it the same operation to of the fake box office of "God of War"? It seems that she was tricked because she has offended someone... "

Before Cassandra arrived home, she received a call from Jack.

At the other end of the phone, Jack said excitedly, "Shit! Cassandra, you're so awesome. You even asked Edward to clarify it on microblog in person, and even showed up that bitch, Terence... This wave of movement is simply blind my dog eyes! "

Cassandra pinched between her eyebrows and glanced at the laptop beside her. Could she say that she had almost half of the secrets of the entertainment circle now?

To be honest, she didn't expect that Edward would be so bold. All kinds of screenshots recording just gave her a chance to reverse the situation.

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