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   Chapter 503 Make a Statement

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7063

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In the small meeting room of the Ring Entertainment Industry.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was quite heavy. Everyone was sitting on the chair with a long face. Although they had prepared for the emergency, this time, the other party was really ruthless. Without directly overturning the evidence of the other party, they could not act rashly. Otherwise, the consequences would only be more tragic.

There was a black iPad in front of Jack, and the screen was full of complex data. At this time, Jack's face was as dark as water. He said in a deep voice, "Now the refund rate of the pre-sale box office is close to 20%, and this data is still rising. Many online users are deliberately misleading other users... It's too bad for us. "

The tickets of the "God of War" had almost been sold out, and it was almost hard to get a single ticket. However, since these two messages were exposed, in just more than 1 hour, the refund rate of the tickets had actually reached 20%, and it was still rising, which was a great blow to Cassandra and Johnny.

The higher one climbed, the heavier one would fall, and the more painful it would be.

Daniel's face darkened as well. "Although the person who broke the news didn't use the real name, Charles Zhao is a famous reviewer in the circle. Once the refund rate continues to rise, even if his previous data is fake, as soon as these data are taken out, it will be confirmed that the box office of our film is fake. At that time, people won't care about the authenticity and time of this data at all. It's hard for us to explain it. "

Cassandra, "That's right, Mr. Daniel. That's exactly what I'm most worried about, so the first thing we need to do next is... Jack, you can log in our company's official microblog and make a statement to the public. First, we declare that the mistress incident is a false accusation, and that Edward Li maliciously violated the reputation of others. We will solve it through legal means. Tomorrow morning, I will personally go to the court to file a case, but the relevant information of the case will not be announced now. "

umber of refund had exceeded his expectations, and it was developing uncontrollably. Wouldn't it be a fool to officially announce that they would accept any channel to refund the ticket?

Daniel also looked at Cassandra in confusion, wondering what she meant.

Johnny, who had been silent all the time, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Cassandra's doing is to really prove ourselves to the outside world. If they choose to refund a ticket or even deny us because of the rumor, they don't deserve to be our fans."

Cassandra showed a look of appreciation. It seemed that only Johnny knew her best.

Now they couldn't stop the refund at all. Once these data were used by make an article by Charles Zhao, they would be unable to defend themselves. Even if some people believed that they were not lying, who would dig into the real reason?

Charles had relied on this wave of hype. Even if he finally found that there was no mistake at the box office, everything was a foregone conclusion. Who would care how much Johnny and Cassandra had invested in this movie?

Cassandra nodded and said word by word, "Director Johnny is right. Since we can't change it now, we can only be frank. I believe that even in such an occasion, there will still be people who really love the film and television industry and are willing to believe us."

"Then... What if no one believes us? " Jack asked impatiently.

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