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   Chapter 501 Restrain Yourself

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6752

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Hearing this, the beauty reached out to grab the glass of wine from the man's hand, and then raised her head and took a sip. The next second, the beauty suddenly leaned forward, her red lips sticking to the man's lips, and the red wine in her mouth reached the man's mouth little by little.

The air in the room was getting hotter and hotter. The man's eyes flashed a touch of heat. His hand on the beautiful woman's waist was constantly moving down, and he pinched her hip hard. "You little temptress, what other means do you have? If you make me comfortable, let alone a female supporting role, I can give you the heroine."

A hint of slyness flashed through the beautiful woman's eyes. When she entered this circle, she knew that it was useless to work hard by herself if she wanted to stand out. The change of the old and new in this circle was too fast. If there was no one promoted her and she didn't had a backer, she wouldn't be able to be famous even if she worked hard.

It was not easy for her to get in touch with Terence. As long as she could get the promotion of Terence, she would be famous sooner or later.

Thinking of this, the beauty's hand stopped in front of Terence's chest and kept moving down. Her white fingers stopped on the belt around his waist, and her hot lips kissed across the clothes.

Terence's eyes gradually turned scarlet, and his lower abdomen seemed to be ignited a flame, burning his whole body to ashes. He suddenly turned over, pressed the beauty on his body, rudely tore off the layer of clothes on her body, and then couldn't wait to unbutton the belt around his waist.


There was a sudden knock on the door outside the box.

Hearing that, Terence froze all of a sudden. Then he raised his eyes and shouted angrily, "Who is it?"

He was about to fuck that woman. At this moment, who was so blind to knock at the door at this time? Damn it!

However, there was no answer outside. Then, the door of the box was pushed open. Terence was stunned and

ad thought that "The World" could also be shortlisted for the Golden Sand Award, but he didn't expect that because of the "God of War", "The World" didn't receive any harvest this time, and there was even no shortlist.

Moreover, the theme of the "God of War" was very close to that of "Prosperity", and the awards to be shortlisted were almost identical. If it had been a few days ago, Roger wouldn't have spent so much time on the Golden Sand Award. But now, the "God of War" was so popular, and the heat was still rising. Roger had to make preparations.

He didn't expect the counterattack of the "God of War", so he lost a huge box office. If this time, he even lost the Golden Sand Award to the "God of War", then he would lose his dignity.

Roger lowered his eyes and said in a very cold voice, "I have paved the road for you. Don't let me down again, or... You know the consequences. "

Terence smiled and said, "Roger, don't worry. Now everything is ready. I won't let you down. But if I get the award this time, the investment you had promised for my next movie..."

Roger glanced at him coldly, "As long as you can get the award, I can double the investment in the next movie. I won't restrict you to choose actors. You can use whoever you want, and I won't stop you."

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Roger." said Terence in a hurry.

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