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   Chapter 497 Do You Think I'm Masculine or Not

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The operation didn't end until the morning of the second day. Although Robert was temporarily out of danger, he was still in a coma. After leaving the operating room, he was sent directly to the ICU.

Cassandra was still in a hurry to the company. After she told a few words to Talbot, she took Martin's hand and left the hospital in a hurry.

After settling down Martin in the Yan Garden, she simply washed her face and changed into a small suit, and then Cassandra hurried to the company.

The "God of War" became famous in a short time. It was originally a poor box office, but now it went to the top three, which was under the premise of zero box office of the GR Group.

This time, the GR Group didn't release the "God of War". At first, it was not a big deal. As the popularity of the movie continued to rise, some people dug it out again. The GR Group didn't give an official explanation. A few people who didn't want to tell their names implied that the people of the "God of War" had offended the senior executives of the GR Group, so the movie was not showed in the film city under the GR Group.

This caused a stir, and the film city of the GR Group was naturally resisted by online users. Even if the GR Group offered all kinds of discount packages, the film city of the GR Group was still rarely visited.

This morning, two groups of photos were released almost at the same time by the World Media and the Ring Entertainment Industry. The content of the photos was a group of photos taken by Cassandra and Ken, as well as a group of photos taken by Peggy and Adrian.

As soon as these two groups of photos were released, the entire micro-blog exploded. In just a few minutes, these two groups of photos were on the top search, and the reading and reposting volume quickly exceeded ten thousand, and the heat was still rising.

"My god! Licking the screen! !"

"What a beautiful picture! Kneel and lick! "

"Conscientious crew! Even the welfare photos are so beautiful. It's natural for this movie to be popular! "

"Oh my God! My goddess is so attractive in women's clothes. I really want to be fucked by her. How can I do it?"

"Support you!"



Putting down the notice in her hand, Cassandra looked at Johnny and said, "Director Johnny, congratulations. You have made a great success in this movie."

Since the Golden Sand Award was created, very few new movies could be shortlisted. Even if they could be selected, they still couldn't get so many nominated in one breath. Even if they couldn't get the award in the end, just these few nominated were enough to make a hit.

Although Johnny didn't like to pay attention to these awards, he was very happy to be nominated this time. He said, "Cassandra, I'm flattered. Everyone has made a great contribution to the success of this movie, especially you, Cassandra..."

If Cassandra hadn't saved him in the name of Samuel, he might still be discredited and expelled from the entertainment circle, and there would be no chance for him to continue filming.

Cassandra smiled, "Director Johnny, you've overstated it. I'm just doing something within my ability. Well, let's stop talking about these illusions. Since we're nominated this time, even if we can't get the award, we can't lose momentum. Jack, have you found out any other movies that are shortlisted this time?"

Jack immediately nodded his head and said, "Yes, I have. Since you ordered, I have to get it done! I've checked it. There are a lot of shortlisted movies this time. They are the same type with us at the same time, and the biggest competition is the... GR Group. "

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