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   Chapter 492 I'm Martin

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Outside the Hugo clan's mansion.

In a lane not far from the main house, a black Land Rover Range Rover quietly stopped there.

In the Land Rover.

Wearing a black formal suit, Talbot sat in the driver's seat and calmly looked at the direction of the Hugo clan's mansion. In the passenger seat, his phone kept ringing, all of which were the Wechat messages from Robert.

After a long time, Talbot slightly turned his head and looked at the black phone. He slowly picked up the black phone and unlocked it.

On the screen, the screen background was a picture of the two of them kissing. In the picture, the two were both dressed in black suits, one was calm and reserved, and the other was arrogant.

When Talbot opened the Wechat app, the screen was full of messages from Robert.

"Honey, what are you doing? "

"Honey, why don't you talk to me? "

"Honey, don't you love me anymore? Do you have another man outside? "

"Honey, I'm telling you, Martin is a lunatic. "

"Honey, what are you doing? I miss you... "

With a tired look on his face, Talbot leaned back in the chair and raised the other hand to bury his face into his palm with difficulty.

Now he was only about ten steps away from the Hugo clan's mansion, but he knew that he would never be able to walk into that door legally, let alone be recognized by the Hugo clan.

He knew the result at the beginning, but he still didn't hesitate.


The phone rang slightly. After putting down his hand and opening his eyes, a new message appeared on the screen.

Cassandra, "Mr. Talbot, are you okay? "

Looking at the line of words quietly lying on the screen, Talbot felt warm in his heart. Although he had only met Cassandra for two times, he had a good impression of the girl.

When his finger landed on the input box, he patiently input a line of words. A moment later, his finger stopped on the input box and deleted that line

y observing the relationship between Martin and that man. The two of them behaved intimately, not just ordinary friends. Moreover, she seemed to remember she had met that man somewhere, but she was unable to call to mind for a moment. Because he was a stranger, no one in the circle knew who he was.

However, no matter who this man was, he could be the most powerful tool to humiliate Cassandra.

Susan had already taken a few intimate photos of the two, and then sent them to Cassandra when no one noticed. She wanted to see how the woman would react when she was slapped in the face in public.

As soon as Cassandra took a sip of water, her phone rang. She unlock the screen and saw a few photos on it. Although the photos were not very clear, it was easy to recognize at a glance that the two were good-looking. They were her and Martin.

Below these photos was a message from Susan.

Susan, "Cassandra, I just saw this at the dinner party of Mr. Douglas. I don't know if I have mistaken him for someone else, but this man really looks like my brother-in-law. I really hope it's not true and I mistaken it. "

'Ha-ha, you mistaken?

Then why don't you just poke your eyes and don't look at it?'

This woman's method of sowing discord was really not improved at all.

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