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   Chapter 487 Do You Have a Girlfriend

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"No wonder she is the eldest daughter of the Jiang clan. She had an extraordinary temperament."

"Well, she's wearing... It seems to be the top limited edition, right? It's said that it's worth millions... "

"She is the eldest daughter of the Jiang clan and the Mistress of the Hugo clan in the future. Several millions is not a big deal."

"You heard about it? It is said that the Hugo clan and the Jiang clan will soon unite by marriage... "

"It seems that it is true."

As soon as the Jiang clan's people got off the car, they immediately caused a burst of discussion.

Edwin Hugo, Mrs. Hugo and Robert came to greet them in person. Yates Jiang, the father of Judith Jiang and the CEO of the Jiang Group, walked up to them with a smile. "Mr. Edwin, Congratulations!"

Edwin smiled, "You're welcome. There are many guests at home today. Thank you for coming."

Yates said, "Don't be courteous, Judith, come and greet Uncle Edwin."

With a calm and elegant smile on her face, Judith Jiang said softly, "Hello, Uncle Edwin, Aunt Alice."

Edwin and his wife, Alice, looked at each other and smiled. They were very satisfied with Judith, their future daughter-in-law. Edwin smiled and said, "Yates, we are family. You don't have to be so polite."


The word was enough to prove everything.

Hearing this, Yates smiled, "Yes, you have many guests here. You don't have to care about us. We can go in by ourselves."

Edwin immediately said, "No way. Robert, why don't you take your uncle Yates and Judith in?"

Clenching his fists, Robert looked a little nervous. Although he had been mentally prepared for this, what Edwin said was too ambiguous.

Now there were rumors about the marriage between the two families. On such an important occasion, if Robert personally took the Jiang family in, what would others say?

However, if he refused in public, would the Jiang clan let him go?


With a darkened face, Cassandra said, "Robert, if you dare to provoke me again, I'll send a few more photos to Talbot later."

"How dare you!"

He was already very disappointed that his wife didn't come tonight. How dare she send pictures? It was killing him!

Cassandra shook her phone, "Why not?"

'How dare you provoke me?'

After being dazed for two seconds, Robert hurriedly said, "Hey, sister-in-law... No, no, no. Little Samuel, I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously. "

Little Samuel...

Cassandra felt a chill all over her body and even got goose bumps. If there were not so many people here, she really wanted to hug Martin to comfort herself.

Cassandra said, "Well, don't be so cheesy. I can't accept it. We have arrived, and you can do what you should do."

Holding Cassandra's hand, Cassandra pleaded, "No, no! I don't want to go. I will stay here with you. My father just said that I would take good care of you. I can't neglect you. "

How could he be so shameless?

However, she also knew that Robert didn't like this kind of scene in the first place. In addition, the Jiang clan was also there. Once he left them, he would definitely be sent to the Jiang family's side.

"Little brother... May I...? May I have your phone number? "

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