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   Chapter 486 Find My Wife

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6678

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The veins on Cassandra's forehead twitched, 'Why are you so arrogant?'

Speechless, Cassandra pinched her eyebrows, and said sincerely, "I think Mr. Talbot has told you everything I want to say. You just need to remember one thing. Mr. Talbot loves you very much, and he spared no efforts to love you. You shouldn't be so self-willed to bring unnecessary troubles to him, right?"

Robert stared at Cassandra with his bloodshot eyes, holding the knife tightly in his hand. He was anguished, as if his chest had been ripped into pieces.

He was in a daze for a while. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Do you know how long it took me to persuade him to meet my grandpa and others with me? Do you know how much I want to be with him? For him, I can give up everything of the Hugo clan. I won't take a step back even if I have to be kicked out of the Hugo clan. "

But now, everything was ruined by her.

Even though there were tens of millions of reasons, he felt that he had been betrayed.

He didn't want anything of the Hugo clan. He just wanted to be with Talbot.

"I know." Said Cassandra.

That's why she didn't want to see them fight like a moth darting into the fire again. Even though they were weak now, what if one day they became strong?

With his eyes wide open, Robert almost spat out a mouthful of blood. "Since you already know, why did you ask him to abandon me?"

"What are you talking about? Be thoughtful. If he would abandon you, he wouldn't have chosen to face everything with you. Mr. Robert, I admit that your relationship is perfect. But have you ever thought about what you will face in the future? "

'How could he be so stupid? Is it only his age that is growing?'

Robert was so excited that he almost blurted out, "Of course I know! I've said that I can give up everything in the Hugo clan for him! "

"You're the only heir of the Hugo clan. Do you think the Hugo clan will give up on you or destroy him?" she snorted.

Robert's face soured at her word


Cassandra regained her composure and answered, "Nothing. I just want to know what will happen to them."

"You can't think of any other man in front of me."

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, "They are gays, okay?"

"No way," said Sean

Adele, " Okay, okay, you're good-looking. Whatever you say is right! "

In the evening, at the Huo family's old house.

The Huo family's old house was a luxurious Chinese mansion. It covered a large area and was well decorated. In addition to other things, it was already priceless.

Today was the 70th birthday of Robert's grandfather. More than half of the hundreds of rich people from the capital city were invited to this birthday party. Outside the Hugo clan's old house, all kinds of limited edition luxury cars were parked. The scene was too spectacular.

Because today's guests were all distinguished guests, Edwin Hugo, who was now in power of the Hugo clan, was welcoming the guests at the gate with Mrs. Hugo and his only son, Robert.

Robert was in a black suit today and stood behind Edwin cooperatively. Edwin was quite satisfied with his performance today.

At this time, a Rolls Royce phantom car came. As soon as the car stopped, the back door opened. Under the attention of the crowd, the three people of the Jiang clan got out of the car.

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