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   Chapter 483 Why Doesn't He Restrain His Wife

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6670

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"Mr. Talbot, please don't get me wrong. I don't mean to break you up or to stop you. I just think it's not the right time yet. Tomorrow is Robert's grandfather's birthday, and Robert will take you to his house and declare your relationship in front of everyone. What will the Hugo clan's people think?" Cassandra tried her best to persuade Talbot.

In her previous life, she was not familiar with Robert and Talbot. She went to the Hugo clan with Martin, but was forced by Martin to do so. Therefore, she could only remember the result of Robert taking Talbot to the Hugo clan.

Robert's grandfather was so angry that he had a heart attack. Robert's parents were no better than it. As for the Hugo clan's relatives, they were just watch the scene of bustle.

Although the Hugo clan had tried their best to keep the matter from being known by others, as so many guests there that day, the news was still spread out, and other people's opinions of Talbot also changed dramatically.

Talbot lowered his head for a while, and then opened his mouth bitterly, "I know what you said, but I have no way back. No matter what decision he makes, I'm willing to keep him company."

Then she looked at Talbot and asked, "Do you think you did this for his sake?"

Talbot's face suddenly froze, as if his heart had fallen from the sky. With his fingers that were hanging on his side tightened, he said in a deep voice, "My love for him doesn't need to be recognized by anyone else."

"I know. But have you ever thought about how much pressure he will take?"

Suddenly, he squinted his eyes and darkened his face. After a long time, he raised his hand with difficulty and buried his face in his palm. He said in a hoarse voice, "I know, but I have said that I have no way back."

Of course, he knew how much pressure Robert had to face and how much pressure he was going to take. But he had no other choice. There had to be a chance in his life that he could bravely fight for himself.


Talbot shook his head, "No, thanks. I'll deal with it myself."

No! If Talbot didn't go there, then she couldn't see Talbot then. To be honest, if Talbot didn't have a career, she really wanted to get Talbot into the entertainment circle. After all, his appearance was so great. He was just like the model of the overbearing CEO!

Moreover, Talbot was so handsome that there must be many girls seduced by him. Bah! Attracted by him!

"Well, that's all right. Nothing else. If you need anything, you can turn to me or Martin."

"Why should he turn to you? You said you won't seduce my wife? You are even here to look at the stars and the moon! " A cold voice came from behind.

This voice... It sounded so familiar?!

The familiar smell of jealousy...

The next second, with a cold face, Robert came up to her, fury burning in his eyes.

'Isn't she trying to seduce his wife?

He had caught her!

What's wrong with Martin, that idiot? Why doesn't he restrain his wife?'

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. "Mr. Robert, what brings you here?"

If she remembered correctly, she didn't invite him at all. Besides, this was the Yan Garden. How did he get in? ?


How worried he was! !

With a snort, Robert said through gritted teeth, "If I don't come soon, is my wife going to be yours?"

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