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   Chapter 480 You Cuckolded Me

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"Sweetheart, I don't need to be jealous." Cassandra raised her eyebrows, smilingly stared at Martin and said in a slightly hoarse voice.

TSK, TSK, such a serious tone...

'If this is not jealousy, can you tell me what is jealousy?' thought Carlos.

'Take care, Cassandra!

Spare my life!'

Martin's deep eyes sparkled with infinite admiration, "Well, you don't need to."

Resting her head on one hand, Cassandra said slowly, "Miss Fiona, won't you go? Do you still want to stay and have dinner with me? "

Sitting on the sofa quietly, Fiona thought that at most Cassandra was jealous, but unexpectedly, this bitch dared to ask her to leave directly.

Moreover, if she remembered correctly, didn't Martin hate those troublesome women most?


She didn't believe that Martin would really be fascinated by that bitch!

The next second, she made a fool of herself.

"Carlos, send Miss Fiona back." said Martin.

'Why do I always get hurt every time?' Carlos wondered, his back frozen and his eyes fixing on his young master with a strong desire for survival.

He was sitting at home, the pot falling from the sky. Was it going to be so miserable?

"Yes, master. Miss Fiona..." Carlos managed to squeeze out a smile. "Well, please."

Fiona clenched her fists, and a cold light flashed in her eyes. But she remained elegant and calm on the face. She stood up from the sofa and said, "Well, I'll leave now. Take care of yourself."

Martin didn't say anything, but Fiona didn't feel embarrassed. She glanced at Cassandra and walked out of the hall directly.

On the sofa, Martin focused his eyes on Cassandra and asked, "Are you angry?"

A smile curled the corners of her mouth. "No, how could I be angry?"

She was not angry, because anger made her ugly...

At the sight of this, Martin arched his brows and pulled the girl into his arms. He lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. "She j

nk so." Cassandra replied at once. "Well, I haven't had dinner yet and I'm so hungry now."

"Okay, I'll ask the servant to serve the dishes." said Martin.

After going through all this, Cassandra was indeed a little hungry. She immediately got up from Martin and said, "I'll go upstairs to change my clothes first."

"Okay." replied Martin.

Cassandra ran upstairs and changed into a woman's suit. Several dishes were placed on the table, all of which were her favorite.

As soon as she sat down, she took up her chopsticks and was about to eat. Martin also picked up his chopsticks, but he didn't eat much. He just picked up food for Cassandra and tried one or two times by himself.

"By the way, is tomorrow the birthday of Robert's grandfather?" Cassandra suddenly thought of this and asked.

"Yes, you want to go there?" asked Martin.

Cassandra nodded, "Of course I want to! Robert had invited us. "

The Hugo clan was a powerful and wealthy family in the capital city. And it was the biggest obstacle between Robert and Talbot. For the Hugo clan, they didn't need a future master who couldn't be controlled, and they naturally wouldn't hurt Robert. So Talbot became the target of their expulsion.

In her previous life, they had fought rather fiercely against each other.

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