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   Chapter 415 You Know Him Well

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6265

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After a long conversation, Daniel got up and wanted to leave in a hurry. It was almost time for Cassandra to leave, so she followed Daniel out of the box.

After they just walked out of the box and took a few steps, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of them. The figure stood in the corridor with an angry face and blocked their way.

"Mr. Roger, what do you mean?" Daniel frowned and said unhappily.

Roger sneered and stared at Cassandra with his scarlet eyes. "This is the matter between her and me. None of your business! Get out! "

"Mr. Roger, this is my friend. Why are you stopping us? What are you going to do?" Daniel asked coldly.

Roger clenched his fists, and then threw a punch at Daniel. He was filled with jealousy instantly.

Why did Cassandra talk and laugh with a strange man but be so cold to him!


He had already bowed his head and apologized. Why didn't she forgive him?

After being punched, Daniel's mouth was bleeding and the skin on it was broken. In this industry, face was important. Breaking his lips would easily affect his eyesight.

Without hesitation, Daniel raised his hand and punched back.

Roger was already drunk, and Daniel hit him hard on his abdomen with his fist. Roger staggered back a few steps, sobering up a lot.

Daniel stared at Roger coldly, and raised his hand to wipe off the blood from his lips. He said coldly, "I give you back this punch!"

Roger sneered and stared at him coldly, "Really?"

"If you are not convinced, I'll fight with you to the end."

Clenching his fists, Roger had already lost his temper when he saw that they walked together. Now, what Daniel said accorded with his thought.

Raising his hand, taking off his suit jacket, loosening his tie, and unbuttoning two buttons, Roger said coldly, "Since it's your request, how can I refuse?"

The atmosphere fro

y. The man in front of him was apparently dressed up as a man, but somehow he felt that there seemed to be stars in the girl's eyes.

Roger looked vaguely and mumbled, "Cassandra... Give me one more chance, okay? I will never leave you again. Cassandra, give me one more chance... "

With her arms folded across her chest, Cassandra looked down at Roger. In her previous life, she would do anything for him.

But what did she get in return for her love?

They just lied and used her from the beginning to the end. In the previous life, she was fooled around by them. Did he think she would be so stupid this time?

Cassandra closed her eyes and answered coldly, "No."

Upon hearing this, Roger felt that his back was frozen. He suddenly opened his eyes and fixed his eyes on Cassandra, and his face flushed all over. "Because of Martin, right?" he said through his gritted teeth.

'Why do you still ask as you have known it?'

"You're right. It's indeed because of Martin. The man I love now is indeed Martin. Is that enough?" Cassandra said word by word after a long silence, as she looked at Roger with a very calm expression.

"It's impossible!" said Roger, shaking his head. He was so shocked that his eyes narrowed! "No way! "

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