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   Chapter 361 Act like a Man

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After taking a look at her, Johnny Han said, "In fact, this role is just the role I set for the heroine before. However, this role contains too many things, so it can't become a pure role. Anyway, Cassandra, your acting skills have always been very good, and you have even reached the expectation of breaking through again and again, but you remember that sometimes, your acting skill is not that important. Do it by your heart is important. Return to the nature is the key. "

It was easy to say that return to the nature, but it was difficult to achieve this.

In the entertainment circle, even if there was no acting skill at the beginning, but after performing for so many times, the actors would get some basic skills of the act. Therefore, there were no lack of people who had acting skills. If they were lucky enough, they were handsome and good at acting, so even if they couldn't become the most famous, they could still be a little famous.

However, there were few stars who could really get rid of the scope of acting skill and return to the original nature, and put their heart into acting. Looking around the whole entertainment circle, only few of them could achieve this.

"Director Johnny, please rest assured. I will perform well." Cassandra nodded.

Wearing a stern face, Johnny said, "I trust you. But don't give yourself too much pressure. You have to play a role in the play with Adrian and Ken. Then you can get familiar with the lines first."

At the moment when the voice fell, Ken immediately came over, "Goddess, come on. Let's see practice our lines. This time, I'm going to die for you."

Cassandra, "..."

'What the hell are you doing?

Why don't you act like a man?'

Cassandra was speechless. Since the shooting of this film began, Ken had been pestering her. She was also curious. What was the matter with him? Why did he take a fancy to her? He was like a pain in the ass which couldn't be thrown away.

Then she pinched between her eyebrows and said, "It is not called

oon as she finished speaking, she slowly showed a smile, but it was extremely cold and apathetic, which made people feel flustered.

Leo's body shook slightly. "I'm sorry for what I did to you in the first place, but I'm the future emperor of the Chu Country. I have my own mission..."

"So, do you think we should die for your throne?" Suddenly, a bright and beautiful smile appeared on her face. There was no sign of grief.

When Leo was about to say something, a long arrow passed by his ear and left a trail of blood in the air.

The expression on Leo's face changed dramatically. He waved his spear and stabbed it into the ground. He fixed his eyes on the place where the arrow came from. Not far away, Nestor was dressed in a silver robe and it covered with blood. His face was also stained with dried blood. It was the last arrow he shot.

They were doomed to lose this battle.

But as proud as he was, he would rather die than surrender.

"Aha... My crown prince, Sophia is my wife now. Don't hurt her! "! Otherwise, I will kill you with my life! "

After he finished speaking, he threw the long bow in his hand and walked towards Sophia.

He knew that person's mind had never been on him, but he loved her so much. Even if he died for her, he would not hesitate.

"Sophia, don't be afraid I'm here to take you home. "

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