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   Chapter 360 I Won't Resist

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"It's just a joke. There is no name on the invitation. Please fill in yourself." Martin rubbed Cassandra's head gently and said.

Cassandra didn't want to be fooled again. She took the invitation, and it was indeed an invitation letter for the Entertainment Event Grand Ceremony. The name of the inviting person was left empty.

While Cassandra was looking at the invitation, her mobile phone rang and it showed that it was Daniel.

It was so late, why did he call her? But she didn't think too much and answered the phone. She didn't notice that Martin looked angry.

"Mr. Daniel, what's up?" Cassandra asked and switched to male voice.

Taking a look at the invitation letter on the table, Daniel thought about what he should say and then said, "Well, the annual Entertainment Event Grand Ceremony will be held in a few days. I happen to have a lot of invitation letters. Mr. Samuel, if you are interested in it, do you want to go there and have a look?"

In fact, the identity of Samuel that Cassandra used wasn't a real insider of the entertainment industry. However, since she wanted to start her career, she also signed up with Daniel for her next movie. Therefore, it was really a good opportunity for him to introduce some famous investor and director to Samuel.

Cassandra took a look at the invitation letter on the table and wondered when the invitation of Entertainment Event Grand Ceremony was so easily to be got?

Taking a glimpse of the icy face of Martin, Cassandra pinched between her eyebrows and said, "Sorry, I'm afraid I can't promise you."

"I know you are a capable man. But this ceremony is a good chance for you. I hope you can reconsider it." Said Daniel, frowning.

Cassandra coughed and explained, "I didn't mean that. I mean, I already had the invitation of the ceremony, well... My girlfriend gave it to me. "

From his girlfriend?

"I see. I thought you didn't want to attend the feast. See you at the scene then." said Daniel, his

hnny. After all, he was talented as a director and a decent man. This movie was very important to Johnny. Besides, Johnny had strict requirements on actors, so the movies he had directed were of good quality. Therefore, she thought she should learn from Johnny if she would become a director in the future.

"Hey, Cassandra, here's your last show. You don't have many lines, and you need to affect the audience with your eyes and limbs. In this way, the audience can feel better the capacity of this play. Do you understand?" Johnny said seriously.

This scene was very important to the whole film, and it was also the most difficult part of the script that Johnny had composed.

The female supporting role, Sophia, was both righteous and evil. She had a big role to play. Earlier, after being a general of a clan, she was strong and powerful, but as a member of the power, she was destined to be involved. The entire Su family was destroyed, and her last life-saving straw was completely cut off by her beloved.

Since everyone in the world all betrayed her, why would she be afraid of everyone?

Even so, when beacon was climbing on fire and the enemy was attacking, she didn't hesitate to fight against them to show her honest heart.

The expression in Cassandra's eyes changed, but she nodded, "Okay, I know."

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