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   Chapter 354 You Can Only Obey

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When did they mistook him for a pushover?

"Who has any objection?" Martin gave a sharp, lethargic glance at the lobby. And they shut up immediately as they caught sight of his eyes.

The entire conference hall suddenly fell into a strange silence.

The elders looked at each other. Although they had many conflicts before, at this critical moment, their interests were threatened. Naturally, they would unite to attack the outside world.

The chief elder, Morris Lu, stood there with his two hands holding his crutch. His face became extremely gloomy. He snorted and there was a touch of coldness and cruelty in his old eyes. He said coldly, "The elder Council is a rule passed down from the ancestors. Master Martin, you have just taken over the position of our clan head, and you want to abolish the elder Council so soon. Don't you fear that you will be too ashamed to face our ancestors when you are dead?"

Abelard Lu, the third elder, answered in a ghastly tone, "Yes, Master Martin, you are newly taking office, but are you too impatient? Be careful not to play with fire. If you get burned by it, you will be the one who gets hurt in the end."

Neil Lu, the seventh elder, echoed, "Yeah, there is rule in our clan. As long as there is something important, we need someone with authority to vote for it. Does our master forget the most basic rule?"

The comrades of the several elders echoed. They were very clear that once their positions were affected, their interests would naturally be affected. Therefore, no matter what, they had to stand on the same boat with the few elders.

Of course, some of them agreed with Martin's proposal. Most of these people didn't have the background of the elders and were often suppressed in the clan. It was also a good thing for them that the elder Council was dismissed by Martin.

For a moment, the entire conference hall began to quarrel again, except for Ron and James, who had been sitting in their seats, drinking tea without saying a word, as if everything in front of them had nothing to do with t

s mind after he read it?

Neil sneered, "I would like to see what the hell you are doing!"

He picked up the file at the top of the desk. After a while, he stared at the paper with a deathly pale face and said, "How could it be possible? These things... How could it be possible? You wronged me! "

"Don't worry. I have backed up all these files. If you think that you are wronged, I can send them to the police for investigation." said Martin.

Neil's face was like a color palette. Finally, he understood why Morris had agreed to Martin after going through the documents. After all, they would not be able to live, let alone stay in the Lu clan, once the documents had been made public.

"No... You are doing a good thing for the clan to abolish the elder Council. I will do as you say. " Neil lowered his head and looked ten years older without any vigor.

"What's going on?"

"Since the two elders also agreed, I think the rest of them will agree..."

"Master Martin is so capable. He is completely my idol!"

"It seems that the elder Council will be doomed."

With the discussion of the crowd, Martin looked at the remaining elders. The elders were not reconciled, but no matter how stupid they were, they knew that since Morris and Neil had to change their minds at the same time, Martin must have been well prepared.

However, they were hopeless now.

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