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   Chapter 352 A Weak Girl

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With a palm supporting his forehead, Martin opened his eyes slightly. After a few seconds, he said in a hoarse voice, "Go and investigate."

The veins on Carlos' forehead throbbed. 'Shit! Why did he have to change his face so suddenly? That's horrible!'

Carlos said immediately, "I've sent people to investigate it. But it's really strange. Mr. James was locked in the secret room by Patriarch Johnson more than half a year ago, and Cassandra married here less than two months ago. How did she know Mr. James? …… "Well, forget it. I'll look into it."

As soon as the words were blurted out of Carlos' mouth, the ferocious look on Martin's face froze, and was gradually replaced by confuse. It was true that he himself also wanted to know why Cassandra could recognize Mr. James. But from the video, he could tell that Mr. James didn't know Cassandra as well. Otherwise, Martin would not let go of Mr. James so easily.

Carlos had checked all the information about Cassandra since she was born. There was no piece of paper related to Mr. James. Did they miss something?

While Martin was immersed in deep thoughts, his cell phone suddenly rang. He glanced at the screen of the cell phone and saw a wechat message quietly displayed on it, which was sent by Cassandra. It was the real-time location.

Then she continued, "Martin, I have arrived safely. Remember to take your medicine and eat on time, love you..."

Martin's face softened when he saw this. He breathed a sigh of relief and typed a message.

On the other side, as soon as Cassandra sat down and took a sip of water, she received a reply from Martin. She checked the screen of her mobile phone subconsciously and almost spat out the water in her mouth.

On the screen was the reply of Martin.

"Why do I miss you? The sun night, stars, and wilderness were covered with rain. Can you be specific? A river was rippling in a mess. Can you be more specific? Everyth

e rude to men!"

Cassandra, "..."

Was there something wrong with her brain?

She didn't care if she was a violent girl!

Why did she feel that the girl's style was so weird?

Daniel was speechless and stared at Anna. Anna stood up and walked to the nearby flowering shrubs. Her face suddenly tightened and she flung her fists like a wind.

With one hand under her chin, Cassandra fixed her eyes on Anna. She had seen the skills of Greyson and others. Ordinary people didn't worth her attention at all. She had thought that Daniel was just talking about it casually, but she didn't expect that Anna was more skillful than she thought.

She wanted to make the play a little more realistic. In terms of male role, she even wanted Greyson and Marcus to be the scapegoats. However, as for female role, there was no suitable person.

Anna rolled up her sleeve after a punch. When the sleeve was half rolled up, she suddenly felt that this was too girlish, so she quietly put the sleeve back.

Anna, "Mr. Samuel, how do you think of my behavior just now? Besides, I'm good at shooting and I can also ride a horse. Do you think it's a good idea to let me run a supporting rule or something? I don't care about the remuneration. I will just take it as a chance to experience life. "

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