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   Chapter 351 Who Are You Going To Meet Again

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In the Yan Garden.

After working for a whole day, Cassandra was indeed a little tired. As soon as she returned to the Yan Garden, she asked Martin to take some medicine. Then she went to the bathroom to freshen up and go to bed. However, as soon as she lay down, her mobile phone rang.

Taking a glance at the man who was dealing with some complicated data aside by the side of her eye, Cassandra answered the phone somewhat guiltily, and then changed to the male voice.

"Mr. Daniel, what can I do for you?" With her head on Martin's laps, Cassandra asked.


A cold light flashed across Martin's eyes but soon disappeared.

At the other end of the phone, Daniel was irritable like a wild horse, but he suddenly calmed down when he heard Cassandra's voice.

"Mr. Daniel?" As nobody answered, Cassandra thought the call was wrong, and was about to hang up the phone and redial.

With the support of the whole Yun clan and his well-known status as the top famous star in the industry, his appearance and acting skills were excellent. Now he was her trump card and she would never give him the cold shoulder.

"I'm sorry to call you so late. But I want to have a talk with you. Are you free tomorrow night, Mr. Samuel?" Daniel asked nervously with his back tightened.

Cassandra thought about it for a while and was sure that there was no appointment tomorrow night. She agreed without thinking too much, "Okay. I'm free tomorrow night. We can make an appointment. I'll be on time tomorrow night."

Daniel immediately told her the address. Cassandra wrote it down, after chatting a few simple words, she hung up.

"Baby, I can't be with you tomorrow night. Remember to take the medicine." Then she raised her eyes, in which was the reflection of Martin's fascinating face.

How could this man be so handsome?

Martin glanced at her faintly and said, "Who are you going to meet again?"

Cassandra felt helpless. 'I'm going to talk about the real business!'

She reached around th

there was a hint of undetectable killing intent in his deep eyes. He said slowly and indifferently, "He has hidden in the dark all the time so that no one would know his real strength. I just want to see which step he could take to."

Hearing that, Carlos was dazed for a few seconds. It was not until then that he understood what Martin meant by saying that.

Even though Ron had been concealing his real strength, they still had scruples about it. Once Martin gave more power to him, once his power reached a critical point, he would feel that the time was ripe, and he didn't need to hide his real power any more. Moreover, as long as he acted, Martin could deal with him quietly.

Carlos swallowed his saliva and flattered, "You are so smart, my master. My admiration for you is endless."

Perhaps he was influenced by Cassandra. Recently, Carlos hadn't learned anything else, and he was quite good at flattering.

"And tell Mr. James to come with us." Martin suggested abruptly.

He had watched the video in the dark room where Cassandra was imprisoned, so he naturally saw the conversation between Cassandra and James. He didn't know why Cassandra recognized James, but he thought highly of the person that Cassandra selected.

"Well. Are you sure, master? It seems that Cassandra treat Mr. James very well... " Murmured Carlos.

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