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   Chapter 350 Don't Look Down Upon Men

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6964

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A black Benz with a military license plate was galloping at full speed towards them. It stopped abruptly at less than a meter from the two young men.

The two young men were scared out of their wits. Shit! What bad luck had they encountered today? First, they encountered a god of plague, and another one came now, they would be either beaten to death or scared to death.

"Bang -" the door was closed hard by someone. A man in a black uniform took a look at the little girl. "Come here."

At the sight of this man, the coldness on the little girl's face disappeared like the tide, and returned to her original appearance.

She switched this mode so fast that the two guys had no idea what was going on. They just stared at the demon.

What... What did they see?

The little girl flew into the man's arms, flung her arms around his neck, and smiled at him, "Brother, what brings you here? I didn't fight with anyone with my hands. They started it. If you don't believe me, you can ask them! "

The two guys were rendered speechless

It was true that she didn't do anything to them with hands just now. She just moved her feet

The man took a sullen glance at the two men and scolded coldly, "Get out!"

The two young men immediately got up from the ground and ran away like a gust of wind.

The little girl pouted and said, "I haven't even had the chance to vent my anger, but you scared them away, my dear brother. You bad!"

The man showed a helpless expression on his face but still kept a straight face. He said unhappily, "Anna, you're too naughty. If Daniel didn't tell me in time, you would make trouble again. I'm afraid we can't protect you this time. Get on the car with me."

The little girl looked disappointed and mumbled, "You and Daniel are bullying me. When I fought with others before, you all helped me. You don't love me anymore, do you?"

'This girl...'

The man said helplessly, "Don't talk nonsense. How could we don't love you anymore? You should be blamed for that. You went too far last time. It almost caused great harm to the

xual orientation."

Hearing this, Anna quickly stood up from the ground and asked with a gossipy face, "Who is it? Are you in love with a man? You jerk! "

The corner of Daniel's mouth twitched. He suddenly thought of Anna just now because she liked to watch cartoon and novels all day long, and because of too much contact, she was able to distinguish men's sexual orientation.

However, the girl's brain was really remarkable.

With a straight face, Daniel said, "Don't talk nonsense. I just want you to help me test a friend of me to see if he has a sexual orientation problem. You don't need to look down on men and think that everyone is a gay."

Anna whispered, "Then why do you ask me to do that?"

"What did you say?"

Anna immediately said, "Nothing. I said I am very happy to help your friend. You can make an appointment with him. I will be willing to wait for him no matter what happens."

Blue veins stood out on his forehead. "What the hell have you learnt all day?"

Anna stuck out her tongue, scratched her head and said, "Nothing. These are all the usual routines. I'm sorry that I have to hang up now. I have to get in the car. Remember to call me when you have made an appointment with your friend."

Anna directly hung up the phone after she finished her words. She opened the door and got on the car domineeringly, wearing a relief smile on her face.

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