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   Chapter 348 My Chastity!

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"Shouldn't you make it public since you have found your little fairy?" Andrew responded.

Hearing this, Daniel's heart trembled. It seemed that Andrew didn't say it intentionally, but he referred to a key point. He had always wanted to find out the people he met on the film set, but why did he have no special reaction after finding Cassandra?

Daniel was the number one rising star of the FX International Group, and he always had scandals of love affairs. But most of them were just tied up hypes and some people deliberately made it a hot topic. Last time, it was Daniel who actively posted the microblog on his own initiative. Logically speaking, he should dismiss this news after finding Cassandra.


Why was he so guilty and even afraid of making the news public?

He was not worried about the media hype. Having been in the entertainment industry for so long, he naturally knew how to balance forces. Sometimes, in order to make promotion, he would deliberately make some hot topics. But now, he was absolutely not worried that this news would cause himself trouble.

He... He was worried that Samuel would see the news!

With his eyes wide open, his handsome face darkened. How could this be possible? He only treated Samuel as his friend.

The emotions of Daniel were surging, and his heart was trembling. He raised his hand and covered the position of his heart tightly. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down. He said as calmly as possible, "You know nothing. The little fairy is my true love, and of course I have to protect her. How can I let her identity be exposed? Are you a fool?"

Andrew thought for a while and felt that what Daniel said made sense. His fans were so crazy. He just released a message last time and some fans even wanted to commit suicide. If Cassandra's identity was made public, it might cause some unnecessary troubles.

Cassandra had

breakdown. 'Damn it! It is me who is being molested. Why the hell do you look disgusted?'

"Damn it! So disgusting! I'm going to rinse my mouth! " After being rubbed for a long time, Daniel still felt uncomfortable, so he said.

Bobby jumped to his feet, his face red with embarrassment. "What the fuck are you talking about? I'm sick of you! I didn't expect you to be such a person! I'm not a gay. Bah! "

Daniel's face darkened, "I'm also not a gay. I just want to prove it."

Prove it?

At the thought of his recent abnormal behaviors, Bobby stared at him and was stunned. 'I might have found something amazing. Do you know maybe you are a gay?'

Bobby swallowed, letting go of the disgust and said, "Daniel, don't you think you've been acting a little strange recently? You even wanted to break the neck of any man who was close to you before. You were... Did you think of another man when you kissed me? "

Bobby didn't care whether his last sentence would have ambiguity, but he was really worried about Daniel's state.

Daniel's face suddenly froze and his face suddenly turned pale. He gnashed his teeth and asked, "Have I been acting strange recently? I also feel sick now. It was just a misunderstanding just now. Damn it. I didn't think of another man! "

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