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   Chapter 347 Have a Good Time with Her

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"You mean the famous super detective reality show, right? I'm interested in this. But it seems that the requirements of this show are very strict. Besides, generally speaking, the stars who don't have any background generally won't be accepted... " Murmured Cassandra.

Cassandra had always been interested in various criminal cases cracking, so she was interested in this reality show. However, it had strict requirements. The always guests were even big shots in the circle.

What's more, a cross-line law talent joining the play, his skills were more efficient. Therefore, though the show wasn't broadcast on TV, it was the most popular online show.

Kelvin continued, "Well, we're quite lucky this time. They finally invited you to be their guest. If you're interested, I can help you make an announcement and then go to the studio next weekend."

Cassandra's eyes lit up, "Is that so?"

"Are you doubting my efficiency?"

"Of course not! How could I suspect you? The next scene is about to start. I gotta go. Bye. "

Kelvin nodded. Then, Cassandra went to fix her makeup, getting ready for the next shoot.

In an office of a TV station in the capital city.

With a casual posture, Andrew sat on the couch, legs crossed and brows arched, "Director Wang, do you think I'm not suitable for this type of program, or what?"

Across from Andrew, there was a middle-aged man with bald head. Hearing this, he twitched the corners of his mouth. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Mr. Andrew, how could it be? It's our honor to have you as a guest..."

Glancing at him, Andrew said, "I think so."

Harry Wang was speechless, but he couldn't offend this man. Even the leaders of the TV station also had to respect and support this man. What else could he do? He was in despair!

Harry Wang swallowed and cleared his throat, "Well... We have made an exception for Miss Cassandra whom you personally recommended to attend this show. Anyway, she is a member of the entertainment circle. As for you... "

Suddenly, Andrew op

ow." said Daniel.

"Well, forget it. I thought to let you take care of Cassandra in the show, but now I have to go myself."

Daniel froze and immediately paused. On the screen, there appeared a line -- 'you have been killed.'

"Bang!" the game stick in his hand was thrown away. He gripped his mobile phone and got up from the ground irritably, shouting, "What did you say? My little fairy will attend that show? "

"Any problem?" asked Andrew.

Damn it!

'If you had said earlier that Cassandra would go, I would go to take part in the show no matter how stupid it is!'

"No, it's a program with great popularity. I'm sure I'll join it!" replied Daniel.

Andrew laughed, "You didn't say that just now. You said that this show was fucking stupid..."

"Did I say that? You must have misheard me. Okay, it's a deal. I'll go protect my little fairy. I will have a good time with her. "

"Bah." Andrew sneered, "do you think I'm dead?"

"You can die!" said Daniel.

Andrew was speechless, "..."

Holding the cellphone between his fingers, Andrew kept silent for a few seconds before he continued, "Cassandra has just started her career and hasn't become a famous star. Now, she need your help. Didn't you search for your true love online before?"

"Yes, she is that little fairy. What's wrong with it?" Daniel asked, rubbing his chin.

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