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   Chapter 341 A High-grade Fake Work

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"Father asked him to have a paternity test, and he just came to have a look. I don't think brother-in-law should stop him. Besides, even I am not afraid that my belongings are fake. What are you worried about?" Cassandra asked with a smile.

Brother in law...

These words were like a dagger stabbing in the heart of Roger. His eyes became more and more gloomy, staring at Cassandra. However, Cassandra did not take him seriously. Her smile was flawless.

Clenching his fists, sitting on the chair, Roger was breathless. After a while, he said in a hoarse voice, "I'm not stopping you. But today is Mrs. Lynn's birthday. It's time for this farce to come to an end."

Cassandra's eyes turned dark, and her lips outlined a slight arc of ridicule. Her face seemed to be covered with an invisible frost, and she said coldly, "I don't think so. I'm not the one asking for the appraisal. I just want to know if it's true."

The audience echoed. They all believed that there must be a fake one of these two calligraphy works. So they wanted to find out which was fake.

Roger's face was totally colors like a color palette. He hummed coldly and retreated to one side.

Cassandra rubbed her chin as if nothing had happened and turned to Master Nash, "Master, please."

Nash cast a glance at her. She really had a hot temper. It was a pity that she already had a lover, otherwise his introverted grandson might match her.

Master Nash slightly nodded his head, walked to the two paintings and examined them carefully. In fact, it was crystal clear that which of the two paintings was the real one and which was the false one. There was no lack of antique connoisseurs under the stage. However, this was the family matter of the Yan Clan. Mrs. Lynn didn't speak up, so they didn't want to get involved in.

Beads of sweat could be observed over Evan's forehead. He stared at Nash nervously while Susan kept fixing her eyes on Nash as if she had glued her eyes on him.

After a long time, Nash stood i

ddition, I also transfer 5% of my shares to Susan, and 16% to Cassandra. All my shares and real estate belong to you. As for the changes of shares, my private lawyer Mr. Qin is in full charge. I have signed the will. After my death, Mr. Qin will make a will into public."

Mrs. Lynn was a smart woman. Although she had already made a will, she also knew that Cassandra was born to be weak. In that case, if Evan made any threats, or used other means, Cassandra might not get the 16% of the stock. Therefore, she took pains to make an announcement in her birthday banquet. By that time, there was no way that he could deny it.

The rest 30% of the stock belonged to Evan and the other 21% belonged to his two granddaughters. He could totally ignored what Susan owned. The rest 16% of the stock belonged to Cassandra. She could demand to enter the company, fight for real power and withdraw the stock. She could make enough money for her to live a comfortable and affluent life.

Cassandra was smart enough to understand what Mrs. Lynn meant. She felt sad at the thought that Mrs. Lynn died of anger because of her in her previous life.

What's more, Mrs. Lynn's worry was right. In her previous life, although she also made a will, she didn't even see the will, and didn't get the 16% equity, it was directly transferred to Susan.

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