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   Chapter 337 She Is So Beautiful

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6480

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"Master Wade's calligraphy, it's priceless!"

"Miss Susan, Miss Susan is so filial that she spent a lot of money to get master Wade's Calligraphy..."

"Amazing! That's the authentic work of Master Wade! She's awesome! "

"Well, She is worthy of being the eldest daughter of the Yan Clan. How could she..."

Mrs. Jean's eyes shone brightly. Among the calligraphy masters nowadays, Master Wade's calligraphy was the one she adored most. Unfortunately, Master Wade had long retired, and his works were very expensive. She tried to buy it but failed.

Unexpectedly, Susan was able to find Master Wade's calligraphy works. It seemed that this child was really thoughtful.

Evan had two daughters in all. Both of them were the apple of the eyes of Mrs. Jean, but she had a more preference for Cassandra and had always been a little indifferent to Susan. At first, she thought that Susan might complain about it, but it turned out that she had been so sensible and reasonable.

On the contrary, she had always been very fond of Cassandra. But recently, Cassandra seemed to disappear and even didn't show up. What's more, Evan always fanned the flames, she felt uncomfortable when she thought it in her heart.

Mrs. Jean stood up with the support of her crutch and walked towards the scroll shakily. After a while, she frowned with disappointment.

Because at one glance, she could see that this piece of work was not the original work of Master Wade. Although it was imitated very much, it was still very different from the original. It was apparent to the people who knew it at the first sight. However, she couldn't expose it in public. Otherwise, Susan and Roger would be embarrassed.

"Okay, put it away." Said Mrs. Jean.

Although the light was dim and the distance was too long, people couldn't see any problem. But there were so many people here. It was too embarrassing to be recognized.

The host beside them i

ght from Susan?

Blue veins stood out on Susan's forehead. She stared at her, her eyes covered with clouds.

Humph! What's the use of being good-looking?

In such an occasion, she would like to see what Cassandra could do to redeem the situation!

It took the host a long time to recover from the shock. Although he had seen many beautiful women, and he didn't lose his composure when Susan appeared just now, he was completely conquered the moment when Cassandra showed up!

"Miss Cassandra, it's my honor to meet you. Today is Mrs. Jean's birthday. Would you like to send your best wishes to her? " The host immediately said.

Mrs. Jean didn't expect that Cassandra would appear in such a shocking way. Somehow, she felt that Cassandra in front of her seemed to have changed, but she couldn't tell what the difference was.

At the same time, Cassandra walked to Mrs. Jean with a calm face. She had come back from rebirth and it was the second time that she had seen this old lady. Last time, she had only taken a glance at her from a distance. This time, she stood in front of Mrs. Jean, feeling her heartbeat and breath.

Grandma, thank you. Thank you for being alive.

The next second, Cassandra knelt on the ground and said in a hoarse voice, "Grandma, I'm sorry."

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