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   Chapter 331 Catch Him in the Spot

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6205

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What was going on?

Who was this man?

When they were at a loss what to do, the man at the door walked towards Martin, stepping on the door.

"Who are you? You shouldn't come here. Get out now, or I'll ask someone to kill you! " When Ray saw this, he immediately snapped.

He had offended Martin just now and was thinking about how to make up for it, but he didn't expect someone to show up.

At the same time, Carlos gave a sympathetic look to Ray. 'He must be crazy! How dare he hurt Cassandra!' thought Carlos.

"Martin, is it time for me to come? Next step, you should take this girl to a hotel, right? " Cassandra asked with a smile.

The air and the space around froze in an instant.

Suddenly, Ray's face darkened. He stared at Cassandra in horror, wondering what the hell was going on.!

A moment ago, when Cassandra kicked the door open, he saw that he was a stranger, so he wanted to take the opportunity to flatter Martin. But he didn't expect that this man knew Martin, and moreover, with such a serious tone...

Upon hearing this, Ray broke out into a cold sweat, looking dejected. He turned to Saul for help, who even had the heart to kill him now. Saul thought, 'What a fool! Doesn't he have a brain?'

'Damn it, who the hell is this man?

On the sofa, Martin said solemnly, "I am innocent."


What did they hear?

Was he explaining it to this man?!

That was too horrible!

'Who on earth is this man?'

Ray almost knelt down to the ground. It was obvious that this man had a special relationship with Martin, and he even wanted to kill him just now!

With arms crossed over her chest, Cassandra cast a glance at the girl next to her and said in a joking tone, "She is pure and has a good figure. Even I couldn't control myself when I saw her. Martin, do you really not like her?"


going a tsunami. 'Who am I, where am I, why my eyes are full of little flowers...'

Saul's reputation had been reorganized. In the whole capital city, countless people wanted to send women to Martin, but none of them had expected this.

Since when did he have such a strong taste?!

This man was really very good-looking. No wonder Martin would have a crush on him. Any other man would be attracted by him, wouldn't he?

After a while, Martin released Cassandra from his grip. With a playful smile, he asked, "Are you satisfied now?"

Cassandra, "..."

Mind your words and don't tease me!

Cassandra was rendered speechless. She gave a stare at Martin angrily. To be honest, she didn't know that Martin was such a bastard before. He was totally promiscuous.

"Humph! Don't think that I will forgive you! " Cassandra gnashed her teeth in anger.

Martin squinted his eyes, which scared Cassandra. Cassandra immediately grabbed his hand and said, "Well, since Carlos said it wasn't your fault, they must have arranged it, didn't they?"

"Yes." replied Martin.

"Who is it? So considerate? "

The girl was wearing a cold smile on her face, which sent shivers down her spine.

The smile... That was too horrible!

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