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   Chapter 328 Can I Kiss You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6600

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In a small tavern in the capital city.

Inside the private room.

Hackett sat on the chair with his back tightened. He looked extremely nervous. He was exhausted and his hair was disheveled, with a huge number of beer cans on the ground.

These days, he deliberately did not contact Samuel, and even tried to contact other women. But damn it, every time he approached those women, he could not help thinking of Samuel's face.

'Damn it! I'm over sooner or later!' thought he.

The more Hackett thought about it, the more irritable he was. He drank several bottles of beer in a row. He was a mediocre drinker, but he didn't feel drunk at all after dinking so many beers. On the contrary, the more he drank, the soberer he was.


Suddenly, a black phone rang on the table, and the caller ID was Zed.

Rubbing his swollen temples, Hackett picked up his cellphone. As soon as he placed the cellphone near his ear, he heard Zed roaring on the other end of the cellphone, "How is it going? What's going on between you and Samuel? To confess? Do you need any help? "

Hackett's recent behaviors were unusual, he might have really become a gay.

To be honest, Zed didn't have any objection to homosexuality. After all, in the open era, homosexuality was no longer a taboo word, but many people still had prejudice against it.

Hackett pinched the middle of his eyebrows, annoyed, and his face grew grimmer. "He is not here yet. Don't make trouble for me. I just... I just want to confirm... "

Even he himself could not convince himself with this reason.

He knew well that even if he really liked Samuel, it didn't mean that Samuel was also a gay. He came here today just to confirm one thing, but he was afraid that he would be too sudden to frighten Samuel.

He was already fed up with Zed's constant chatter.

"Hey, Hackett, can't you behave like a man? You don't need to make sure of it. It is obvious that Samuel is a gay. Speaking

Damn it! Why did his heart hurt so much?

Hackett's face was pale and his eyes were filled with despair. He clenched his fists tightly, trying to remind himself to be calm, and then he said, "I'm sorry, I... I just lost my head. Did I scare you? "

Cassandra shook her head and thought, 'At first, I chose to dress up as a man only for the convenience of action, and also for avoiding unnecessary trouble. Unexpectedly, I did not escape from the man.

Well, although she was always handsome, but he came so directly to test whether she liked him or not... He was really a rash man!

In this case, will Hackett be in despair forever and really become a gay?!

What a misfortune!

Rubbing her eyebrows, she replied, "No, you don't have to feel guilty. You're an excellent man and I'll fall in love with you if I like men. But I'm sorry that I have a girlfriend now and I need to be responsible for her."

Hackett's pupils shrank sharply and stared at Cassandra. She said that if she liked men, she would like the type of man like him...

In a blink of an eye, Hackett seemed to find a good argument spot. It turned out that he didn't hate him, even though he had said something like that.

Hackett's eyes flickered for a moment. Then he stared at Cassandra and said, "Then... Can I wait for you? "

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