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   Chapter 327 are you jealous

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In a flash, Randy was burned to ashes by the thunder. He stared at Martin with an unbelievable look and a dull expression.

What does his master mean?

Her words were his words

Then is it true that Cassandra said to fire him?!

How is that possible?

He joined the V Security team at a young age and was trained by Martin as the vice-captain. How could he fire him for a woman!

Randy's expression gradually became mad, and his scarlet eyes were burning. He was like a wild beast out of control, and he said coldly, "master, are you really going to fire me for this witch?''

"I'll say this one more time. She's the hostess of the Lu clan. She has the right to make a decision, '' said Martin

Randy's pupils shrank sharply, he clenched his fingers and gritted his teeth, "but this woman doesn't deserve..."

"It's none of your business to judge my woman.'' said Martin

A look of unprecedented disappointment appeared on Randy's face. He couldn't accept that it was impossible for the wise and decisive Martin to fire him for a woman.

With stiff back, Randy stood there for a moment, and then left the hall with a cold face.

Fiona didn't expect that things would turn out like this. She had thought that as long as she came tonight, she only needed to explain a few words, and that woman, Cassandra wouldn't want to offend her and Randy. However, she didn't expect that Cassandra would refuse her directly.

This woman was more difficult to deal with than she had imagined.

But, Cassandra was an idiot. Did she really think that she could control everything?

Most members of the V Security team were the comrades of Josef and Randy. Since she had offended the captain and vice-captain, how could she live a peaceful life in the Lu clan?

Fiona pulled herself together and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Martin. I didn't expect things to turn out like this Don't worry. I will take care of Randy. He will stay with me during this t

ound, she would not soon come back in disgrace. But he didn't expect that she had done a few things in succession that impressed him. In particular, he wanted to buy a share of Kingship Group and buy a big IP power. If it hadn't been for his long-term vision, it was impossible for him to make this decision.

After hanging up the phone, Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief. She put down the phone and stretched, "Martin, I have to go out tonight to discuss something with Hackett. Don't wait for me at dinner.''

'Cassandra, you even don't need to ask for going out now?

Martin's face darkened and asked, "When will you come back?''

What was this feeling!

Moreover, she was in no position to be matched with Martin!

Then she swallowed and stammered, "well Are you jealous? "

"No," replied Martin

be jealous?

Not at all!

At the worst, he would pull down his home and beat up the whole company.

"I believe you are a fool," said Cassandra, pretending to be calm, "Oh, listen to me. Hackett always sees me as a man. Don't worry. I have nothing to do with him.''

However, when Cassandra went out at night, she found that she was slapped hard on the face.

Martin narrowed his eyes into a line. It was true that Hackett regarded Cassandra as a man, but Hackett must have been guy.

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