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   Chapter 326 What I said before is serious

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6588

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The air froze, as if the big space freezing into ice in an instant.

Standing where he was, Randy seemed to be rooted in the ground. He had been with Martin since childhood, so he knew Martin's temper very well. What he had just done had already infuriated Martin, but in his heart, that Cassandra was not even a match for Fiona. Why could she be the mistress of Lu clan?

"Well Martin, what are you doing here? Why are so many people here? " A lazy voice came from upstairs.

As soon as her voice faded away, everyone's attention was drawn to the direction of the stairs. On the stairs, Cassandra was wearing a pink one-piece Pajama with two ears on his back. The girl stood on the stairs with a sleepless look, looking exhausted.

A cold expression appeared in Fiona's eyes. When she looked at Cassandra, that expression disappeared.

Beside her, Randy was stunned first, and then his face instantly darkened, and his eyes were burning with anger. This moody fairy! She was obviously seducing his master!

How about my knife! I must kill her today! !

The next second, Martin stood up from the sofa and strode towards the stairs. Cassandra stood on the stairs, looking harmless to anyone.

Martin walked up to the girl and gently lifted her up. He frowned and said, "why don't you wear your shoes?"

Cassandra stuck out her tongue at him, "I didn't see you when I woke up. I heard some noise downstairs, so I came here.''

"Stop," said Martin

Cassandra curled her lips and grumbled as the cat nuzzled against the man, "I didn't. I thought I should go to see the man I dreamed of as soon as I wake up.''

Martin's back got stiff. He carefully put her on the sofa. Then he asked the servant to take a white fluffy blanket and put it over Cassandra, afraid that Cassandra might catch a cold.

Martin didn't like this kind of hairy stuff, but Cassandra liked it. She had bought a lot of it in his house, so he hadn't tried to prevent her fro

old, he even help others count money.

To be honest, she really didn't know how a man with a simple mind like Randy could get the position of vice captain of the V Security team.

"You are welcome, Miss Fiona. He is no longer a member of the V Security team, so he naturally doesn't have to obey the rules here. What I said before is serious, not out of anger.'' Cassandra asked.

Randy was pissed off, "you! "How dare you fire me before our master gives an order!''

Lifting her eyebrows, Cassandra looked at him with a hint of smile on her face. "Because I'm Martin's wife, right? Honey..."

Apparently, she called Martin husband on purpose to annoy Fiona.

As expected, Fiona's eyes darkened instantly. She clenched her fingers that were drooping beside her, and a touch of jealousy crossed her elegant and calm cheeks.

Of course, Martin knew that Cassandra said that on purpose, but being called honey did please him.

The scandal of Josef had already been a warning to others as a warning to Cassandra, but unexpectedly, Randy was still so stubborn.

He knew that most of the soldiers in the V Security team were promoted by Fiona. In their mind, Fiona was the best choice to be the hostess of the Lu clan, so they were so hostile to Cassandra.

"Her words are my words," said Martin

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