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   Chapter 325 She Is My Fate

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6564

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After the Serene Garden was blocked, Johnson Lu kept thinking about why he lost, and why Martin Lu chose Cassandra.

Everyone in the capital city knew that the lady of the Shen clan, Fiona Shen, was a perfect match for Martin Lu. They were perfect match. No matter in family background or other aspects, Fiona Shen was better than Cassandra.

But in the end, Martin chose to get married to Cassandra.

Martin stood at the door of the study. After a while, he said word by word, "Because she is my fate."

With a shock wave in his heart, Johnson was stunned. He couldn't believe what he had heard.

He had watched Martin growing up. In his eyes, Martin was a machine with no feelings. He wouldn't love a woman, and they wouldn't be able to make him happy even if there were so many women chasing after him.

Even Fiona could only have a few more words with him.

However, just now, when Martin claimed that Cassandra was his fate, it was not until now that he suddenly realized that he had made a fatal mistake. If he hadn't offended Cassandra, Martin would not have been so ruthless to him.

A look of embarrassment spread across Johnson's face. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't utter a word.

Without pausing for a second, Martin strode out of the study.

Johnson sat in his chair for a long time before he picked up the glass of wine on the table. With his fingers trembling, the drink fell silently along the edge.

Johnson gave a wry smile. He didn't expect that this would end like this.

He raised his head and drank all the wine in his mouth. Then, with a sound of "click", the glass in his hand fell to the ground. He sat on the sofa, with a calm expression on his face. In a slow and orderly way, he tidied his clothes. He hummed a few songs, and his low and hoarse voice reverberated through the whole study.

Inside the Maybach.

As soon as Martin got on the car, his cell phone rang and it was from Cassan

o be against Cassandra on the surface, but that didn't mean that she would watch Cassandra take the position of the hostess of Lu clan.

The stupidest way to destroy a person was to kill her on the surface, and she would be quiet and wipe out the existence of that woman bit by bit. Even without the slightest effort, someone would stand up for her.

"Randy! Watch your mouth! Have you forgotten our rules? " Fiona asked in a stern tone, like she was doing anything selflessly.

Randy's face darkened. He clenched his fist tightly, and the anger in his eyes was burning. "Miss Fiona, that woman treated you like that. Why do you still speak for her? Master, please uphold justice for Miss Fiona! It was that woman who drove Miss Fiona away. She is not allowed to interfere. Otherwise, considering her relationship with you, how can she stand by! "

"Finished?" Martin opened his eyes and said abruptly.

Randy's face stiffened, and he finally couldn't help but say, "Not yet! Master, don't you think you treat her too well? You weren't like this before! Master, you have never been interfered by others before. But now you allow that woman to get involved in the business of your company and go to the company dressed in men's clothes. She is so... Frenzied! That woman doesn't deserve you at all! "

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