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   Chapter 324 She Is My Bottom Line

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"That was when I was away." Martin put down the tablet PC, with darkness in his eyes.

Carlos was stunned. "What? Master, what are you talking about?"

Lowering his eyes, Luce was expressionless. He said in a hoarse voice, "She was stronger than anyone else when I was absent."

"What...? ? ?"

'Have I been envy again?

Who am I? Where am I? Why are all flowers in front of me?

Please watch out before you show your sweet love next time!'

His words really hurt Carlos' feeling.

"You are right." said Carlos sadly.

'You are pretty and you are always right.'

After a short silence, Martin commanded, "Notify everybody that there will be a clan meeting three days later."

"Master, you mean..."

Martin narrowed his eyes and gave a murderous look, "Expel Johnson and abolish the elder Council."

Carlos' face changed. "Abolish the elder Council? Master, isn't this decision too impulsive? After all, several elders were quite powerful. Johnson now wants to fight for the best. I'm afraid that he still has some plans. It's not the right time to abolish it, is it?"

Although Johnson was under house arrest and cut off all contacts with the outside world, he would not easily give up his power as he had been in charge of the Lu clan for so many years. By that time, he would struggle desperately and would be too cruel. If the elders of the Lu clan cooperated with him, it would be difficult to remove their power.

"So what?" Said Martin.

Carlos was speechless. He didn't know how to refute Martin's authority!

But then again, it was because that Martin hadn't started to eliminate the power of Johnson and several elders before. He just lacked a suitable reason.

This time, they dared to speak ill of Cassandra behind Martin's back. It was just an excuse for him to get rid of Johnson and the Elder Council.

The Elder Council was established by the Lu clan. Although its real power was inferior to the head of the clan, if the elders was united, it could a

? Those who have supported you in the past are from different parties and you are supposed to help them to deal with the crisis. Moreover, that woman is good for nothing. She is unworthy of your help!"


Then who is worth it?'

With a mocking smile, Martin slowly said, "I don't need any checks and balances. My words are the orders. Whoever dares to disobey, I will ask him to get out of the Lu clan."

Shocked by Martin's words, Johnson widened his eyes. After a long while, he laughed in a low voice and looked dejected. "You are right. Who else can shake you now? The Lu clan is yours now. Can you spare them for the sake of my choice years ago? "

Martin raised his long and narrow eyes. A murderous look appeared in his deep eyes but soon returned to calm. He looked at Johnson and said, "If you didn't choose me back then, do you think you are still alive to talk to me here?"

When he heard these words, Johnson froze and said with a bitter smile, "Well, why don't you agree to let them go?"

"From the moment you chose to do that to her, you should know what kind of consequences you would have to bear." said Martin, with a sinister look.

After saying that, he stood up from the sofa, turned around and walked towards the door of the study.

"Why is she?" Standing behind him, Johnson suddenly said.

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