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   Chapter 322 Bring Them In

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In the top seat, Johnson Lu kept a straight face and fixed his cold eyes on Martin Lu.

Martin, in a black suit, turned pale partly because of illness, while his face, which used to be cool, turned grim.

He looked very weak, but he didn't look like a man who was going to die. Moreover, Johnson had just announced that Martin couldn't survive tonight. A dying man would not show up with a good condition?

They were all confused and wondered what was going on?

Martin Lu, with his long legs, strode into the hall step by step, and walked towards the top seat, without any expression on his face. His eyes were covered with complete darkness and his body was overburdened with overwhelming coldness. Then, he asked slowly, stressing each syllable, "Where is she?"

"What's going on? Who is it? "

"What the hell is going on? I really want to know."

"Master Martin, who are you talking about?"

"Master Martin is in poor health, but he doesn't seem to have to die. What is Patriarch Johnson doing now?"

The hall was full of whispers.

Neither Sam nor the others had expected that Martin Lu hadn't died at all. When Sam Lu went to the hospital in person and got to know that Martin Lu was seriously ill, Johnson Lu declared that it would be impossible for him to survive tonight, so they had the confidence to fight for the position of clan leader.

Damn it! This time, they were really tricked by Johnson!

Everyone knew that Martin was no longer the naive boy. Now even Johnson couldn't control him any-more.

With a livid face, Johnson Lu gnashed his teeth in anger. "Martin, what did you say? Who is the person you mentioned? "

"Master, Cassandra hasn't come back since she was taken away by Patriarch Johnson. Even Mr. Ron and I have been grounded by him. Master, please save her first!" Carlos walked in quickly from the outside with a gloomy face.

"Damn it! He just said, been grounded? What happened? !"


ear it immediately rushed out and vomited.

However, this was only a beginning.

Seven or eight men in black came in, two in one group, and every group was carrying a stretcher in their hands. The white stretcher had been dyed red by blood, and red drops of blood had fallen. On the stretcher, several people with broken arms and legs were still alive.

These people could even no longer be called human.

The first stretcher was Tony's. Now, Tony's eyes had been gouged out, and there were only two bloody holes in his eyes. Besides, he had lost a hand and a leg.

"My God!"

The men who were barely able to hold on to their feet just now all rushed out of the room at this moment. They were so scared that they were about to vomit.

It's It was disgusting! !

Although it was rumored in the clan that Martin was ruthless, it was the first time that they had seen such a scene.

Though Morris and the other guys had managed to calm down, their faces were still pale. They could not help but feel a shiver down their spine.

'It's horrible!

I would rather die than be turned into this!'

At the top seat, Johnson couldn't sit still, his face pale. He widened his eyes and trembled. "You... You... "

In an instant, Martin's dark eyes fell on Johnson and asked, "Where is she?"

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