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   Chapter 320 Fight For

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6527

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"Sean Lu? Are you too anxious? Patriarch Johnson didn't say that he could only pick one from them, did he? " A young man among the crowd said with mockery.

Hearing this, Sam Lu pulled a long face and said, "You brat! You're too young to speak! "

The young man, who looked casual, looked at Sam and said with a smile, "Patriarch Johnson just told us to pick the next master, but now you don't let us talk. Do you want to secretly operate it?"

Sam's face changed with anger, "Nonsense! I never said that. Don't sling mud at me! "

The young man raised his eyebrows and said, "If so, is there anything wrong with what I just said?"

Sam Lu froze for a moment, and his eyes flashed a trace of coldness. He sneered, "It's our big deal to choose the next clan leader. How dare you, a junior, be so rampant?"

The young man shrugged his shoulders and said with an innocent look on his face, "I see. Since we have no say in it, why did Patriarch Johnson call us here? Does he just take us for decoration? In that case, I don't have to stay here any longer. I'm leaving now. Don't forget to tell me when you pick a new clan leader. "

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man stood up and walked towards the gate of the conference room with his long legs.

Behind him, seven or eight young people also stood up and walked toward the gate. The whole situation was immediately embarrassing.

Sam's face turned livid with rage. He glared at the back of the young man, flames of fury burning in his eyes. But he didn't dare to act rashly in public. After all, Johnson Lu and other elders were still present, and Sean hasn't been the next master of the Lu clan. He was unable to do everything on his own.

"Andrew, don't be rude." A deep voice suddenly rang out in the hall.

The young man froze for one more step and was about to step out of the door when he suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at Ron on the chair not far awa

the Lu clan by cheating on his wife, is suitable to inherit the Lu clan's leader?"

Morris's face fell. He slapped the table and shouted, "What do you mean! Now it's an open-minded election for the next leader. What do you want to put the finger on Jeremy? "

Sam sneered, "What do I want? Did I wrong him? It is a scandal that he cheated on his wife and kept a mistress. He not only brought shame to the Lu clan, but also offended the Zhou clan. We haven't blamed him yet. He even wants to be a clan leader? Dream! "

Morris's face turned grim. The biggest problem with Jeremy's affair was not that he had kept a mistress, but that he had offended the Zhou clan. In the beginning, with the support of the Zhou clan, they would try to remove the negative news. After all, they all knew the game rules of the entertainment circle, and it was not impossible for them to change the public opinion.

However, they had never expected that they and the Zhou clan would fall out with each other, so they had made their plot a failure.

"Enough?" In the top seat, there came the cold and hoarse voice of Johnson.

Sam Lu snorted, "Patriarch Johnson, Jeremy has caused such a big trouble for our clan and offended the Zhou clan. A person like him is not qualified to be the next clan leader, is he?"

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