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   Chapter 319 Next Master of the Lu Clan

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Ron gave Carlos an indifferent glance. "My grandpa won't mess around. Don't worry."

Carlos' face darkened. He thought, 'How could that cunning old fox be not going to mess around? Since Johnson was forced to hand over his position as the clan leader, I thought he would indeed keep his hands off the affairs of the Lu clan.'

But he didn't expect this old fox to hide his true intentions.

"It's very easy for you to say that. If Patriarch Johnson really won't mess around, he wouldn't have grounded us here. Mrs. Cassandra believes you so much, but you are so indifferent." said Evan.

'Believe in me?'

Ron squinted his eyes and recalled the scene when Cassandra came to negotiate with him. To coerce, to seduce, to bestow, no matter which way she used, she would never believe him. On the contrary, she was on the alert and tried to keep him calm.

Ron lowered his eyes slightly and said, "She will be fine."

This was a gamble, but for some reason, he believed that she would win.

Carlos smiled coldly and said, "She will be fine, of course. My master will never allow her to be hurt a little!"

'His master...'

These words, like a sharp blade, stabbed into Ron's heart. The tiny and smooth pain spread slowly. He raised his hand to cover his heart, and his forehead oozed a little cold sweat.


They were just some normal words, but why did he feel... Uncomfortable?

Did he really...?

Ron's pupils contracted sharply, and he shook his head violently. Then he reached for the tea on the table and took a big drink, which calmed him down a little.

At the same time, in the conference room.

At this moment, Johnson, several elders and those family members who had more or less right to speak were gathered in the conference hall, which was solemn.

In the top of the list sat Johnson Lu, wearing a dark purple robe.

There was a burst of whispers in the meeting hall. Except for a few elders, they were all informed temporarily. Some of them had known a bit in advance, b

it be possible? Master Martin is still so young, what's wrong with him? "

The talking didn't make a change on Johnson's face. After a while, he looked around the whole hall and opened his mouth slowly, "I feel sorry for Martin, but we can't live without a leader. This heavy burden has to be decided by someone. That's why I summoned everyone tonight to help me pick out the next clan leader of Lu clan. He will be the next master of the Lu clan! "

The master of the Lu clan, with fabulous wealth, could decide the life and death of anyone.

That was the power everyone dreamed of!

Everyone was in a panic just now, but now when they heard the words of Johnson, their eyes lit up and their faces were full of excitement.

How could it be possible for them to take that position when Martin was there?

Now that Martin died, the master of the Lu clan would fall onto one of them. In other words, there would be a person in the hall to be the master of the whole Lu clan tonight!

Sam couldn't wait to open his mouth, "Among the younger generation, there are a lot of people who can be of great use. However, some of them were disabled or expelled. The only one who had such qualification and strength was Sean. I propose that Sean takes over the position of the head of the Lu clan and be the master of the Lu clan. What do you think?"

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